Chapter 572.2: Chapter 572.2 - How About I Be Your Boss (Part Two)

Chapter 572: How About I Be Your Boss (Part Two)

At that instant when the two raised their guns at almost the same time and when the bald guy saw Xu Cheng pulling the trigger faster than him, he was extremely terrified . And then, when he heard that click, his forehead was covered in sweat .

“Up until today, my heart rarely beat this fast . To be honest, you are very strong! But unfortunately, you made a fatal error, and I’m going to be the victor . ”

Xu Cheng self-mockingly laughed . “Damn, I forgot to count how many bullets were left since it wasn’t my gun . I messed up . ”

Then, the bald team boss pulled the trigger .

The bullet flew out, and at the instant it reached Xu Cheng’s forehead, it was stopped by two fingers .

The bald boss thought he saw wrong, and he temporarily froze . Xu Cheng smiled at him and said, “Now did your heart skip a beat?’

The bald guy’s eyes were about to pop out, not to mention his heart . His heart was even about to jump out of his throat!

This guy… can facking catch bullets?

He didn’t hesitate and fired another shot .

This time, Xu Cheng didn’t try to catch it with his hand but directly used his forehead to block it .

Dang! The bullet bounced off .

The bald guy began taking steps back in fear . Then, stumbling about, he turned around and immediately began to run . At this time, the other five cars had finished changing tires and came to provide backup . There were 20 or 30 guys too, and they immediately surrounded their boss, protecting him while pointing all of their guns at Xu Cheng .

The bald guy felt that he was saved, and he jumped into a car and shouted, “Kill him!”

Just when the other guys were about to shoot, Xu Cheng raised his arm and interrupted them . “Your boss is a pretty big coward . How about this, change to a new boss and give me a try? It’s almost winter, and I can guarantee that you guys can survive through it safely . Also, our clan will grow to a much bigger size month after month . ”

“Everyone can say something tempting before they die . There are tons of people that want to be the boss, but you gotta have the capabilities,” the other team captains of Cobra sneered .

“What counts as being capable?” Xu Cheng looked at those guys and then glanced at the baldie . “If I kill your boss in front of your eyes, does that count as being capable?”

“You want to try and kill him in front of our face and our guns?” The team captains looked at their boss and jokingly said, “Boss, how about we play the little game with him? We promise we can open a few more holes on his body . ”

The bald guy immediately began to panic .

Xu Cheng looked at him with a faint smile . “Yeah, how about it? Boss of Cobra, don’t be a coward . I’m not even scared, what are you scared of?”

Then, he looked at those Cobra mercenaries and said, “Then it’s a deal . If I can kill your boss in front of your face, then I’m your boss . But, you guys won’t be Cobra anymore, you will be my men!”

Someone asked, “What clan are you?”

“Deviant,” Xu Cheng said .

“Deviant mercenary clan?” The others exchanged a look and smiled . “Never heard of it . ”

“Don’t worry, you will remember it in just a second,” Xu Cheng said, and he smiled . At the next instant, he moved .

The other thirty or so guys also pulled their triggers .

Bang bang bang .

Bullets rained towards Xu Cheng .

But Xu Cheng’s body was like a steady train moving ahead against raindrops . Within 10 seconds, those guys already emptied their magazines, and Xu Cheng also arrived before the bald guy perfectly fine and snapped their boss’s neck right in front of their face!

All that was left at the scene was the sound of the howling sandy wind, terrifyingly quiet .

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