Chapter 573.2: Chapter 573.2 - The Qualification to Get a Pass (Part Two)

Chapter 573: The Qualification to Get a Pass (Part Two)

Immediately, a team captain pursed his lips towards a guy on the side, and that guy walked up and said, “Big Brother Cheng, I can take you . I know the way well, I can help you avoid exits with lots of guards stationed . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “Then let’s go . You guys bring this guy back to the camp too . ”

Xu Cheng said as he pointed at the car-thief on the side .

Then, the guy that was familiar with the paths drove Xu Cheng towards the border .

This guy did manage to help Xu Cheng avoid the territories of many forces and prevented trouble, and at last, they arrived at the border .

The border was linked to four other countries, and those four countries had blocked off all of their national borders to prohibit mercenaries from entering their country and affecting domestic security . It might be very easy to get in, but when you go out, cars would be prohibited, and including… people!

There are at most no more than 20 people on the Land of Mercenaries that could go in and out freely .

The brat driving the car said to Xu Cheng, “The border is ahead, and on this path, there are a hundred well-trained soldiers stationed . They have advanced weapons, and there’s surveillance everywhere, and drones too . There’s only one way to get out, and that is for them to let you out . There are no more than 20 people that can get a pass to go in and out freely! If you want to be our boss, then go and become the 21st person, how is that?”

Xu Cheng now understood what the strange look those guys had in their eyes meant . It was their way of testing him, huh?

Xu Cheng smiled and asked, “Could your boss get through?”

The young mercenary shook his head . “Nope . We Cobra are ranked 13th not because we are that strong, but because we dare to fight with our lives on the line . Once we have our eyes on our prey, we make sure our strikes are like poison, lethal! After you killed our guys, it would probably be just us that would chase out this far to try and get you . This is our feature, and many mercenary groups are afraid of us and that’s why we were given the high ranking . ”

Xu Cheng said, “Then if not even your boss can, why are you asking me to prove it to you?”

“It’s to prove to all of us . We have about 200 people in our camp! If you don’t prove it to us, then Cobra doesn’t need to disband, we just need to get a new boss . But if you can prove to us your capabilities, then we will serve you! The soldiers ahead are the most fearsome ones of all border checkpoints, the most powerful one out of all the stations . Their average comprehensive strength is at the A-level . If you can pass it, then Cobra will forever be removed from the Land of Mercenaries!”

Xu Cheng smiled, patted the guy on the shoulder, and said, “I’m going out to sell the diamonds and won’t get back for a while, and I don’t have a car . How about this, after I go, you wait here for me and then drive me back when I’m done?”

“Sure!” the mercenary said . “If you can get out of here, then I will wait for you for however long it takes you! I will keep my word!”

Xu Cheng nodded . He pushed open the door and got out . The drones already detected him, and there were immediately soldiers stationed at the gate shouting at him, “Get the fack out of here, or we will execute you on the spot for trespassing past our border . ”

Xu Cheng raised his arm and shouted back, “Don’t be so impulsive . I want to have a talk . Is your captain here?”

Someone pointed a gun with a red-dot laser at Xu Cheng and shouted, “Just speak there . Don’t step any closer . ”

Xu Cheng said, “I want to leave, from your gate . ”

The soldier: “Do you have a nationality?”

Xu Cheng: “No . ”

The soldier was immediately annoyed as he shouted impatiently, “Get back into your car and get the fack out of here!”

Xu Cheng shouted back unwillingly, “I heard I can try and get a pass here!”

At this time, a guy on the sentry tower holding a pair of binoculars looked at him in disdain and said, “Do you know the qualifications you need to get a pass?”

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