Chapter 574.2: Chapter 574.2 - Take it Back to the Bros to Add More Protein to the Meal (Part Two)

Chapter 574: Take it Back to the Bros to Add More Protein to the Meal (Part Two)

With him in the center, the soldiers around him were all shocked back a few steps, their hands went numb as they dropped their batons . Xu Cheng grabbed two over and began swinging back at the body of two soldiers in front of him . He wasn’t planning to kill them, or those batons would’ve landed on their heads instead and popped them like lightbulbs .

But even so, those soldiers that were hit all puked out blood .

Xu Cheng kicked away a soldier that was about to jump at him, and he was sent flying into four other soldiers, knocking them all onto the floor .

Xu Cheng was swinging the batons in his hand, his speed fast like the wind .

Bang bang bang .

The soldiers that came into the path of those batons were all disabled immediately .

At this time, the soldier at the sentry tower fired two shots and hit away the batons in Xu Cheng’s hands .

Xu Cheng looked at the sentry and expressed his appreciation for his marksmanship .

The sentry said, “Only fists are allowed . ”

“I’m scared that my fists would kill people,” Xu Cheng faintly said, but he was fine without the batons .

Shaking his wrists a bit and cracking his knuckles, he made a fist and threw a punch right into the face of a soldier that charged at him .

That guy collapsed right away .

When the next soldier came over, Xu Cheng straightened his palm into a blade and directly chopped the steel baton in halves!

It terrified the guy that was holding it, and then Xu Cheng controlled his power and landed another strike on his neck, knocking out the guy right away .

Xu Cheng walked further and further away from the border, and he would knock out whoever came into his way, using kicks of fists, whichever was convenient . His movements were so unpredictable and powerful, yet simple and brutal . It was like watching a bunch of toddlers trying to jump a grown-azz man .

Once Xu Cheng passed the whole camp, there were only the soldiers on the ground behind him groaning in pain . He didn’t leave the camp right away, but activated his penetrating vision and went to find where the pigs were kept . He killed four and carried them with him .

When the sentry saw him coming back with four pigs dragging along the floor, he was furious .

Xu Cheng smiled at him . “Since I have to be fed to the pigs after I die, then since I won, it’s only fair if they become my dinner . What a coincidence, I needed some meat back at my camp, now my guys can be happy . ”

After he said that, he walked back to the iron fence and shouted at the former Cobra mercenary that was waiting for him . “Come and pick this up, wait for me to come back in a bit and we will BBQ these with the boys . ”

That mercenary immediately came over and helped carry the pigs, almost drooling .

The soldier on the sentry tower immediately fired a shot at Xu Cheng, but Xu Cheng dodged it and went up to the sentry tower in an instant .

He roared loudly, directly breaking the main supporting pillars of the sentry tower . Then, he kicked away the supporting mud walls around the base and watched as the tower began crumbling . Finally, he delivered one last kick to the center pillar of the tower, causing it to collapse .

Turning around, the sentry soldier’s cry and the collapsing tower fell into the background .

The Cobra mercenary watched as everything unfolded, feeling shocked to his core .

It was just like in the movies, where the background would have explosions and sh-t but the protagonist just kept on walking without turning back, like nothing was significant enough to bother him .

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