Chapter 575.2: Chapter 575.2 - Follow (Part Two)

Chapter 575: Follow (Part Two)

This was the sentry guard that fell off from the tower .

The other soldier said, “Not yet . ”

“Fack, is that [email protected] never coming back anymore?” He then went to check the surveillance footage . When he saw Xu Cheng holding a random ID and was able to fool his way back in, he was so angry that he kicked the chair but ended up hurting his leg that was also in a cast .

The other soldier was a bit embarrassed . “He didn’t shave in the morning when he came out so I didn’t recognize him right away . But he did end up forgetting his ID . I ran a check on it, it’s real . ”

The soldier snatched the ID and took a look . However, when he turned over the ID, there was a line in English: remember to get me a one-week pass .


The guy threw the ID onto the ground and almost fainted from rage .

After Xu Cheng crossed the gate, he saw the truck by the sunset . That mercenary from Cobra didn’t stand him up .

Seeing Xu Cheng coming back, the guy immediately went over to help carry the stuff . “Didn’t you go out to sell the rocks? Why did you still carry a big bag back?”

But when he saw from the bag’s opening a big stack of cash, he was shocked and immediately put the money onto the backseat .

The soldier drove the car and directly took Xu Cheng to the Cobra base camp .

By then, the people from earlier already communicated the situation through to the other guys . When Xu Cheng and the driver came back, a few team captains that didn’t witness Xu Cheng’s ability immediately dragged the driver to a corner and asked him, “How was it? Did he manage to leave?”

The mercenary that was responsible for sending him out couldn’t look more excited . “I took him to the most difficult checkpoint, and he crossed it! He scrapped a hundred soldiers! I saw with my own eyes how he went out, sold the diamonds, and then came back with a big bag of cash!”

The others were all shocked .

The other guys that witnessed Xu Cheng’s capabilities earlier said, “Anyway, I’m joining him in Deviant Corp, and it’s fine if you guys don’t want to . I’m bringing my bros over, and in the future when we see each other, we will still be bros . However, if we end up on opposite sides, then sorry . ”

Then, a few captains led their bros and followed Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng saw that there were about 70 to 80 people that were willing to go with him, and he didn’t want to force the others .

He said to the Cobra mercenaries that decided to stay, “The four pigs on the truck were raised by the guards at the checkpoints, you guys can give it a try . ”

Then, he gestured with his eyes, and the mercenary that was driving for him immediately nodded and went to drag out two fat pigs from the truck .

Then, Xu Cheng left with the guys that were willing to follow him, leaving behind two pigs on the ground . No one knew what everyone was thinking, but they were all quiet .

“We don’t even have a boss anymore, how are we going to get through the ‘winter’ now? Right now we only have about a hundred guys . If a team of special forces really tries to seize our camp, would we be able to defend against them?” someone couldn’t help but ask .

The other guys were all silent and didn’t know the answer .

After all, the main forces that could fight bravely had all followed Xu Cheng and left .

At this time, someone dragged the pigs over and said, “Let’s eat up first . Man, I’ve never tasted this kind of devil-like pigs that were raised by the sentries to feed on humans . Now I really want to get a taste of them!”

The pigs at the border checkpoints had always been the mercenaries’ nightmare . Countless mercenaries that tried to cross the border were killed and fed to the pigs…

But today, to be able to eat these pigs, it facking felt great .

“Damn, after eating this facking pig, how come I felt that Big Brother Cheng is much more pleasing to look at? Who wants to get into cars and chase after them right now?”

Many people at the scene became extremely tempted .

When there was one car, there would be a second, a third and so on . In the end, what was left was just an empty camp with the scent of BBQ pork lingering in the air .

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