Chapter 576.2: Chapter 576.2 - Expanding Team (Part Two)

Chapter 576: Expanding Team (Part Two)

But, everyone at the camp was very welcoming and kind, and no one had an issue with sharing .

The remaining 185 Cobra members had 8 team captains, and after these 8 guys helped their teams settle in, they came to Xu Cheng’s office . It was pretty simple with just a wooden desk and then a big conference desk . But then again, it would be considered pretty luxurious if you wanted to find sofas and comfy chairs in this kind of chaotic war zone .

Xu Cheng sat there, and when they came in, Luo Yi, Mario, and the other members were all present .

“Have a seat . ” Xu Cheng looked at all of them . “Let me introduce you guys to each other first . These 8 guys had been with me since the beginning, and they all have their own specialties . You 8 are newcomers but don’t worry, I won’t treat you guys differently . So from now on, the 8 of you will be enjoying the same level of treatment and authority as these eight, but I will be dividing the current 185 mercenaries into 16 teams now, any objections?”

This was to break up the original Cobra influence to prevent them from ganging up and starting trouble .

The 8 captains knew the teams would be rearranged for sure when they join a new clan, so they didn’t mind at all .

“Big Brother Cheng, just tell us what we need to do . If we would have objections, we wouldn’t have decided to follow you,” someone said .

“Very good . ” Xu Cheng nodded, very satisfied with the answer . “After the re-arrangement of ranks, the 16 of you, your level will only be below me . Each group will have 10 or so subordinates and two armored vehicles . Any objections?”

The 16 of them said in unison, “No, Sir!”

“Very good . ” Xu Cheng liked this kind of harmonious meeting . He continued, “The ranking arrangement is just temporary . Tomorrow, I will focus on picking out instructors to serve as training guides for all members . Listen, only under strict discipline can one produce a fearsome army . We don’t need mercenaries that only know to enjoy life all day . I want iron-blooded mercenaries! You guys are team captains, I hope you can all lead by example . ”

The 16 of them answered in unison, “Yes, Sir!”

Xu Cheng looked to a certain captain from the Cobra mercenary group and said, “Little Dong, if Diesel needs money, just transfer it to him . ”

Lin Dong nodded . “Yes, Teacher . ”

Xu Cheng then said to him, “Starting from tomorrow, pick a few people that are educated and are willing to do logistics, and they will be arranged to work under you . Your team will be responsible for the logistics side of managing ammunition, living supplies, and finances . From now on, every expense and income on the clan side will have to go through your hands . Also, find a few tattoo artists, tomorrow we will begin arranging groups . ”

Lin Dong: “Yes!”

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