Chapter 577.1: Chapter 577.1 - Rearranging Ranking (Part One)

Chapter 577: Rearranging Ranking (Part One)

On the next day, about 185 people gathered on the open field of the Deviant Corp’s campground, standing in a total of 9 rows with about 20 people in each row .

Xu Cheng felt that he shouldn’t just let time pass every day and must train them . These guys all had good physiques that were tempered in this chaotic land . So, if he didn’t strictly train them to improve them, it would be a pity .

Xu Cheng stood in front of them all and said, “Those that think they are talented marksmen, stand out!”

The mercenaries looked at each other, and then a few brave ones stood out .

There were about 20 people in total .

Xu Cheng nodded . “Attention!”

Then, he called out, “Chekov!”

“Here!” Chekov stepped out .

“You will be the instructor for marksmanship and sniping, these twenty soldiers will be trained by you from now on . ”

Chekov first was a little stunned, and then he was overjoyed and he answered in a loud and deep voice, “All 20 of you, come and report to me . ”

Then, the 20 soldiers immediately jogged to Chekov’s side and got into formation . These guys would be considered to belong to the sniper camp now .

Seeing this, the other team captains and soldiers finally realized why Big Brother Cheng was rearranging them into different groups .

Then, Xu Cheng continued, “Those with great strength, step forward!”

Immediately, 30 burly guys came forward .

“Mario!” Xu Cheng then shouted .

Mario’s heart skipped a beat as he excitedly stood at attention and said, “Here!”

“You can be the instructor for strength training, these guys temporarily belong to you now . ”

“Yes, Boss!” Mario immediately shouted .

“Wait for a second, Big Brother Cheng . ” At this time, a guy stood out and interrupted, “Big Brother Cheng, I have an objection . ”

Xu Cheng: “Speak . ”

This burly man glanced at Mario and said, “I don’t think I’m worse than him . I want to compete with him . ”

Mario was quite happy hearing that . “No problem . ”

Xu Cheng: “Little Dong, bring out a strong steel cable . ”

“Okay . ” Lin Dong immediately jogged over, picked up a steel cable, and threw over .

Mario and the challenger each took one end of the steel cable and wrapped it around their arms, about to see who can out-pull the other one, testing out their power, waist strength, and the ability to grip the ground .

Xu Cheng: “You guys ready?’

Mario and the challenger both nodded, their feet tightly gripped onto the ground, with their waist slightly lowered to cement themselves .

Xu Cheng raised a pistol and fired a shot into the air .

At the next second, both of them suddenly summoned explosive strength and pulled on the steel cable . To put it bluntly, it was just a tug of war . When both of them summoned all their power at once, the steel cable was immediately straightened like a pole .

Both of them began sweating off their foreheads, all wanting to be the instructor, thus not holding back at all .

In the beginning, both of them were very stable with cementing their position . But, after three minutes passed, Mario seemed to be gaining an edge on consistently outputting an incredible amount of power . His breathing remained better than the challenger, and in an instant, he pulled the opponent over by about 20cm . Although it was just 20cm, it showed that the challenger was not able to keep up for too much longer .

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