Chapter 578.2: Chapter 578.2 - Revenge (Part Two)

Chapter 578: Revenge (Part Two)

Mario and the others also weren’t eager to volunteer to go .

So, five team captains brought their team and got into the cars . There were 20 cars, and the big-azz fleet just drove towards Wild Wolf’s territory . Those two mercenaries that were injured but could still move also got on, wanting to witness the revenge .

The trip was quite a long one, but the rage in every mercenary’s heart kept their fighting spirits high .

After the four hour trip, they found their brothers’ bodies that were abandoned by those guys in the sand . Xu Cheng had them carried up onto the truck and brought the bodies along with them to Wild Wolf’s camp .

The Wild Wolf Mercenary Group’s camp was situated in a jungle area, and the outer ring had mines buried to prevent attacks . After all, they didn’t have many people in comparison to the big groups, so they had to step up their game in defense .

There was also video surveillance in the woods . When Xu Cheng’s fleet drove close to the area, Wild Wolf was already alerted .

Xu Cheng turned on his penetrating vision and saw the mines . He drove his car to the front and said to the guys behind him, “Careful for the mines, just follow my truck . ”

Then, the fleet trampled a path in the jungle and drove through .

When they arrived at the hill region where the Wild Wolf base was situated, there were already 40 rifles pointed at them from the top of the hill behind a long wall made of sandbags .

There was a guy with a thick beard smoking a cigar looking down at the fleet of cars below, and he laughed, “Look who it is . It turned out to be our friends from Cobra . But why did your flag change?”

He glanced at the captains and members on the car that were formerly from Cobra . They were pretty much old acquaintances, and he couldn’t help but mock, “I heard your boss got killed and Cobra disbanded? How did you guys change to another flag so fast? Tsk tsk, this one isn’t even better-looking than the Cobra ones . Anyways, what brought you guys here? Want to have a taste of our explosives? You guys sure are brave, ‘winter’ is almost here, and you guys made such a grand move, aren’t you afraid of being detected by the special forces and then getting your whole base wiped out?”

A captain came closer and said to Xu Cheng, “This guy with the ugly beard is the boss of Wild Wolf . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . He pointed at the four bodies on the car and said, “These guys were killed by you, right? Where’s our stuff?”

Wild Wolf’s boss laughed . “It’s almost ‘winter’, we all need supplies . Coincidentally, we were also about to buy some supplies to build my guys some new houses . Come on, this is pretty common in this land, people die, so what? Why are you making a big fuss about it?”

“Oh really?” Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “Since you already know Cobra disbanded, why did you still look for trouble with them? Do you know that they are already my Deviant Corp’s people? You retaliating against them means opposing the Deviant Corp!”

“Deviant Corp?” the boss of Wild Wolf laughed . “My first time hearing about it . I know Cobra already disbanded, but in the Land of Mercenaries, do people even need a reason to kill and rob? If you aren’t happy about it, you can kill me . But the question is, can you? Hahahaha, dumbazz, coming to reason with me . If we can reason here, would this place still be called the Land of Mercenaries? This land only respects the strong, and whoever can take out the other one can do whatever they want . No matter how much reason you have on your side, it’s not like I would be killed by justice . ”

Then, the boss of Wild Wolf looked at those five team captains and asked, “Don’t tell me that this is your new boss . Is his only weapon his mouth?”

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