Chapter 579.2: Chapter 579.2 - Who Has Bigger Fist, Who Has Bigger Say (Part Two)

Chapter 579: Who Has Bigger Fist, Who Has Bigger Say (Part Two)

Blood splashed all over the two soldiers that were trying to pull him up, and then they watched as the one below them got his throat sliced .

Wild Wolf’s boss’s face immediately changed when he saw this kind of creepy massacre unfolding right before his eyes, and he directly began running back towards their base .

“Cover me!” he shouted .

The rest of the mercenaries didn’t even know how to cover for him because they couldn’t see even the shadow of the enemy anywhere…

At this time, a rifle began floating into the air, its barrel aiming at the back of the Wild Wolf boss before firing . The bullet got stuck right in the spine, causing severe pain . The Wild Wolf boss fell forward immediately onto his face . There was only one thought left in his head despite the intense pain, and that was that if he were to crawl more, he might be able to outcrawl death .

Seeing the chaos break out above the hill, Deviant’s mercenaries felt it was a perfect chance .

“Let’s fack them up!” the five captains all shouted at once, and the fifty of them charged right up the hill .

Xu Cheng was just killing to his heart’s content with the dagger .

The enemy mercenaries were just like tofu in front of him; they couldn’t stand the sharp dagger that was controlled by such an overbearing amount of force . The blade would easily cut through anything in its way .

Xu Cheng wasn’t in a hurry to kill the Wild Wolf’s boss, since Xu Cheng had just paralyzed him so he couldn’t run away . The boss just slowly tried to crawl away as he heard and saw his guys dying miserably around him .

It was a brutal massacre that no one had ever seen before . Wild Wolf’s boss felt like he was in hell, and he was getting goosebumps all over, shivering more and more as he became more and more terrified .

It was because he seemed to have begun to faintly see a human figure in the blood mist .

When the blood splashed onto Xu Cheng’s body, a portion of his upper body did indeed get exposed in the air .

But that was also exactly what made the Wild Wolf’s boss this terrified; he didn’t see a complete human!

For instance, he could only see the vague image of Xu Cheng that had blood splashed on it, but he couldn’t see his feet! He could only see a part of Xu Cheng’s face, but not his head!

That was the most terrifying part .

When his mercenaries had all died, Xu Cheng already got changed into a set of clothes and walked in front of the Wild Wolf’s boss .

When the other Deviant Mercenaries came up the hill, ready to kill, they saw that everyone had already died, and they were all shocked .

They saw Xu Cheng standing in front of Wild Wolf’s boss, his face covered in blood . All the new recruits of the Deviant Corp felt a domineering and oppressing aura, along with fear .

“That’s right, I’m their boss, the Deviant Corp’s boss . When I reason with you, you should listen . When you don’t reason with me, that means you want to die . So, I will grant your wish . ”

Xu Cheng slowly walked over, spinning his dagger between his fingers, before pressing it down onto the Wild Wolf’s boss’s neck .

The boss almost couldn’t breathe as he swallowed his spittle carefully and said, “Didn’t you just want your resources back? I will give it all back!”

“Then what about the four men you killed?” Xu Cheng asked .

Wild Wolf’s boss: “I lost my whole team, that should be enough, right? Let me go, I will give you my territory too! And everything here!”

“I don’t need you to give it to me . If I want something, I will get it myself . You are right . Whoever has bigger fists gets to do the talking,” Xu Cheng said as he slashed that guy’s throat .

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