Chapter 582.2: Chapter 582.2 - International Special Forces Competition Begins (Part Two)

Chapter 582: International Special Forces Competition Begins (Part Two)

The captain of the M Nation special forces protested, “What are you trying to suggest, giving us the weakest one out of the ten districts? You’re looking down on us, aren’t you? I think the difficulty of the competition will reflect all aspects of an elite team’s ability, so are you insulting us by giving us the weakest one?”

The reason they protested was because the winning scores depended on the number of enemies they could eradicate in their District . So even if they had swept out their area early, which only had two groups including the Black Cat Mercenaries and the Deviants, then the head counts wouldn’t be sufficient to win .

They simply couldn’t get a higher score than their competitors and they were dissatisfied with the possibility of losing the first contest .

The other districts indeed had large and small mercenary corps compared to District 7 . Although District 7 originally had five big mercenary corps, according to intelligence, Falcon had disappeared, Wild Wolf was exterminated, and the remaining one chose to hide away, leaving only Black Cat which was a little bigger in scale compared to Deviant . According to their intelligence, Deviant was a fairly new group that had been established for less than two weeks, which generally meant that they were small in size and could be seen as worthless . To put it bluntly, District 7 was used entirely for the weaker countries to pick up some small fries .

The referee explained . “Everything was assigned at random, and there’s nothing fishy about it . Your leader grabbed a random one from the box, so the objection is overruled . ”

The special forces from other countries heard that the M Nation team had drawn the weakest District and congratulated them sarcastically, “Congratulations, you can clear District 7 without sacrificing any of your comrades . ”

“Call yourself the elites of the world’s special forces and yet you guys got the weakest District 7 . I hope you will be as fast and efficient as we are, or else it would be humiliating . ”

“Hahahahaha, I bet they’ll have to take some time looking for people first in that area . Whether it’s a Black Cat or a Deviant, they’ll probably be hiding away . ”

The M Nation special forces were quite furious listening to the other teams mocking them .

“We’ll sweep up and complete our mission within a day!” said the Captain .

Usually it would take three days at least to complete sweeping one district, and the slowest battle went on for two weeks . Kush’s mercenaries and the Four Clans in the past had been tricky and ruthless enemies, and the special forces’ losses were also particularly big, so these years they’ve purposely avoided those territories .

For regions with only two mercenary clans, an elite team like the M Nation could in fact handle it in a day .

The R Nation Special Forces mocked . “If you have the ability, why don’t you go to the Earth Mercenaries’ territory and call it a day?”

The Earth Mercenaries belonged to Kush’s first mercenary group .

The M Nation shouted back . “I hear Falcon was your minion? So, for their sudden disappearance this time, are you the ones who tipped them off? I’m telling you, it’s no use hiding because we’ll find them and destroy them!”

“Okay everyone, I’ll remind you again that this is not a drill . This is not a drill . Because they are real outlaws with real bullets, any carelessness will cost you your lives . Again, no shooting at the local civilians, and no shooting at captives . In order to maintain the ecology of the area, you cannot use any mass destruction mines this time around, and only guns and various supporting equipment are allowed . ”

Each country’s team had their own area, and the entire map was covered with drones to get feedback to the base camp, so they could be directed by the commander .

Boom boom boom!

Fighter jets from each country flew across the sky as their soldiers slid down the rope onto the ground one by one . They hovered over the area until all soldiers had landed and flew away in formation .

The M Nation team had a total of thirty elite soldiers; they landed in the sand and one soldier opened the satellite map as they then set off to clear the area .

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