Chapter 583.2: Chapter 583.2 - A Brand New Diesel (Part Two)

Chapter 583: A Brand New Diesel (Part Two)

Diesel picked up the plate and handed it to Xu Cheng . “Big Brother Cheng . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “We don’t have knives and forks, so we’re gonna have to trouble you more . ”

Diesel smiled . “No problem at all . ”

Then, the other 15 captains were just amazed as they watched the beef get cut, and then shaking the plate, the piece of meat immediately turned into pieces .

Xu Cheng picked it up and ate, feeling very refreshed .

A captain that was very close to Diesel immediately came closer and looked at his finger, but they didn’t see anything .

He asked in confusion, “How did you do it? Where did you hide the blade?”

Diesel smiled . It was the super confident kind of smile, one that had never appeared on his face in the past .

At this time, Xu Cheng said, “If the M Nation comes here, Li Wei, Luo Yi, and Diesel will come with me to fight . The rest of you can defend the camp . ”

The three that were called all nodded . “Alright . ”

Mario was confused . “Big Brother Cheng, we admit that we aren’t as good as Li Wei and Luo Yi, but why are you calling Diesel too? Wouldn’t this guy just drag you guys down leg? Wouldn’t it be better for me to go instead?”

Xu Cheng looked at Diesel, then looked at Mario . He clicked his tongue and said, “How about you guys spar? I will bring whoever wins . ”

Diesel directly stood up, took off his jacket, and exposed his tank top as he walked over .

Mario also began cracking his fist and stretching his arms as he got up and walked over .

But when he charged over, Diesel swiftly dodged .

He was very quick, and after Mario missed the first punch, the spectators all shockingly found that Diesel already locked his legs onto Mario’s waist, used the momentum and got behind Mario as he wrapped his arms around Mario’s neck .

Mario immediately reached out to try and grab Diesel to throw over his shoulder, but who knew Diesel would disappear again . He quickly slid down between Mario’s legs and swept the ground with a kick, making Mario lose balance right away as Mario kissed the dirt on the ground .

Mario cursed as he got up and wanted to continue fighting, but who knew, Diesel was fast enough to dodge all the hits from Mario like it was second nature .

Mario became more and more impatient and annoyed as he said, “Facking stop dodging!”

Hearing this, Diesel narrowed his eyes, and the claws quietly slid out of his fingertips .

Xu Cheng coughed . “That’s enough, Diesel . ”

Diesel immediately withdrew his sharp claws .

It was his weapon!

His brand new weapon after rebirth! Now he felt power!

When he walked over, he asked Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, do you still want meat? I will cut more for you . ”

His tone was full of respect .

Xu Cheng shook his head . “I’m fine, you can cut some for the other bros and eat up . ”

Diesel: “Alright . ”

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