Chapter 585: Chapter 585 - Ready to Fight (Part Two)

Chapter 585: Ready to Fight (Part Two)

Xu Cheng asked, “Are you afraid?”

Diesel answered, “I am willing to follow you, Boss!”

“You’ll have to follow me even if you don’t want to because we’re the same kind of people now, that’s why I said you can’t hate me in the future . Maybe we’ll be tired in the future, but let’s hope that everything will be fine . ”

Xu Cheng thought of his wife Lin Chuxue, who was far away in the M Nation, and he sighed in his heart . I hope that we will always have unwavering feelings for each other in our hearts .

Meanwhile, a hundred miles away, the group of M Nation Special Forces were enraged as they still hadn’t found the hiding place of the Falcon Mercenaries .

“Did the R Nation hide away the Falcon Mercenaries? I’m pissed right now . We didn’t wipe out the Black Cats, and now we can’t even find our targets . So far, we’ve got f*cking ninety points, and I’ve heard that the other countries are at over two hundred points . ”

They passed over the sand dunes in an armored vehicle, feeling annoyed .

The captain grabbed his headset and asked the headquarters, “Have the drones detected anyone or not? We’ve been patrolling all day and haven’t found a single bird hair . ”

“It’s headed for deeper exploration . ”

The commanders were also a bit anxious and asked the drone operators, “Have you found the fleeing mercenaries yet?”

“We’ve been tracking them since they dispersed and we found them all gathered in a mountainous area, the terrain is a bit high . Give me a moment, I need to fly a little higher . ”

The operator flew the drone towards this suspicious mountainous area and was ready to shift the camera to look around .

Pa! Just then, there was a sound as if the signal and video had suddenly cut out .

“Oh no, we’ve got a drone down . ”

The commander rushed over . “What’s the altitude of the flight, how could it have been shot down? Our drones aren’t fast, but they’re faster compared to other countries, and without intelligent homing missiles, it would be hard to spot at this altitude of nearly a thousand meters . Where did this area get such high tech equipment, are you sure it was shot down?”

“Let me go over there with another one that’s nearby . ”

He then took control of another drone and flew over to the area where the incident had just occurred .

However, before it could even reach the top of the mountain, it clicked, cutting off the video feed again .

“It’s been shot down again!”

“Who the f*ck has such a good shot?” The commander was puzzled . “It’s surprising that mercenaries in this district are so professional . ”

The operator questioned, “Sir, isn’t our country’s Blackwater Mercenaries the only professional ones? Most of them are veterans . ”

The commander was busy shouting to the troops on the other side . “There’s a sighting! They should be in the mountainous areas about eighty kilometers southwest of you; our drones can’t penetrate at all . ”

The troop got excited hearing that as they said, “Roger! This one should be a big fish . ”

Meanwhile, at the entrance below the mountains . Xu Cheng put down his sniper rifle and exhaled a mouthful of smoke . “Get ready to fight . The drones were shot down and they probably know . ”

He then handed the sniper rifle to Cheksov, who looked up at the sky, then looked down at the gun again as he gulped . “I damn well shouldn’t have claimed to be a great sniper in front of Big Brother Cheng in the first place; this fu*king difference between us is too big . ”

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