Chapter 586.2: Chapter 586.2 - Even If Your Boss is Strong, You Won’t Win (Chapter Two)

Chapter 586: Even If Your Boss is Strong, You Won’t Win (Chapter Two)

Xu Cheng laughed . “Do you know who he is?”

Diesel answered, “I don’t . ”

“He’s Stephen Hawking!”

Diesel’s eyes widened . “The greatest physicist of this century?”

Xu Cheng nodded . “He will run some experiments for us, and maybe we can use his findings to negotiate with the other countries later . ”

Diesel nodded . “Alright, I will protect him well . ”

A group of M Nation Special Forces were driving across the sand as they whistled . “The commanders said that they found a big fish . There are more than two hundred armed troops stationed on that hill . We can get roughly five hundred points because the remnants of the Black Cats are also there . Goodness, finally there is some f*cking good news . Once we’re done this round, we won’t be too behind in points, and we can try to find the others that are still hiding . ”

“The HQ says this is where the Deviant Mercenaries are . What happened to the intelligence work done earlier? If we knew that there were this many people here, we wouldn’t have spent our energy before to deal with the Black Cats . Seems like two hundred armed troops might be a bit tricky . ”

The commander at HQ sent a warning at this time . “Don’t underestimate the enemy . According to the latest intelligence feedback, most of the soldiers from the largest Cobra Mercenary Group in that region have joined Deviant . The Cobras have always been known for not being afraid of death . The two hundred armed troops will be tricky to fight against, and you must not underestimate them . This battle will be the hardest one in this region . ”

Captain Casey sneered . “When was it ever not a tricky fight? I dare to say that, aside from the Earth Mercenaries who we may not be able to win against, we could beat any other mercenary group in this Land of Mercenaries . If the Continental Mercenary Corp didn’t have that legendary Kush in their team, I’d really like to have a fight with them too . ”

“Alright, you’ve entered their territory . Prepare yourselves for battle,” the commander said and stopped the conversation .

Casey and the others had drones tracking overhead so that the commanders could get the latest feedback .

They immediately jumped out of the vehicle and took out their scanning equipment .

The backing of a nation was indeed strong since they were supplied with mine sweeping radars that could detect all the mines that were buried deep as they traveled the 5 km distance uphill .

“These idiots, still using these independent mines in this era . They are so ineffective and can be easily detected . Their boss can’t even afford to supply better weapons and he still wants to be a warlord . ” Casey sneered . Then, one of the soldiers backed up and drove the car at full acceleration before putting it to neutral gear and jumping off, sending the empty car driving past the mine field .

The mines detonated as it went by, sounding loud as thunder .

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