Chapter 587.2: Chapter 587.2 - Take by Surprise (Part Two)

Chapter 587: Take by Surprise (Part Two)

“Is there any information on any of their members? I need to know where they come from and which nations these criminals belong to . ”

HQ: “Nothing . I’ve been hearing from the locals that it’s been less than a month since they formed a mercenary group, and they’ve been quite mysterious . ”

Casey: “Interesting, looks like District 7 isn’t the weakest area after all . I thought it wouldn’t be challenging but now there’s something to play with . ”

Meanwhile, the drone spotted a man coming down the hill, moving in the exact direction of their soldiers . However, he was still 3 km away, so they weren’t worried even after they saw him carrying a sniper rifle .

“Keep an eye out, there is a soldier coming down the hill towards you guys and he is carrying a sniper rifle; he’s probably a sniper . His gun is of an older model with a short effective range, so he can’t threaten you guys at the moment . However, keep in mind that he’s currently 3 km away from you guys . ”

Casey: “Roger . I hope he’s not here to talk about terms for surrender . I won’t accept it . ”

It was Xu Cheng who was carrying the sniper rifle, and he had a head cover on as he ran towards the minefield .

He stopped when he was less than 1 km away from the M Nation special forces .

The commanders were watching him with a drone and several of them were quite curious .

“What’s he doing?”

“Probably trying to set up an ambush here to try and catch us by surprise . ”

“Does he not know that there’s a drone in the sky watching him? He’s been exposed already . ”

They could see that Xu Cheng laid down on his stomach as he sorted out the gun and loaded the bullets . He then placed the gun against his shoulder, getting in a position as if he was preparing an ambush .

The commanders laughed . “Looks like these mercenaries are quite amateurish . First of all, the effective range of his gun is only 1 km, and secondly, the air on Casey’s side is full of sand, which will make it difficult to see anyone at all . Can you really shoot someone at this distance? Besides, Casey and the others have helmets and bulletproof vests . The odds of him hitting the only unprotected region of the face is so small . I think with a comprehensive assessment, we can say that he’s preparing a sneak attack and waiting for Casey and the others to head over . ”

“That’s probably it . ”

The headquarters immediately returned their feedback to Casey . “1 km in your 45-degree direction, a sniper is lying down, presumably trying to sneak attack . Keep an eye out for him later when you attack; don’t get ambushed . ”

“Okay, I got it . We won’t go over there yet, we’ll wait until sunset first and let them break mentally first . ” Casey smiled .

Suddenly, the commanders who had been continuing to monitor Xu Cheng wondered if they saw it correctly when it seemed like Xu Cheng had made an OK gesture towards the sky .

“Do you guys think he saw our drone? Was he gesturing to us?”

“Is that possible? It’s almost evening, so it will be difficult to see a drone a hundred meters up in the sky . ”

“Then who is he making that gesture to?”

After Xu Cheng finished gesturing, he focused his eyes into the scope, in which several of the special forces soldiers were exposed . The sand and dust in the air? They simply wouldn’t be a problem with his penetrating vision .


A bullet passed silently through the dust and sand towards the face of an A-rank special forces soldier .


The soldier was packing up his gear when his head suddenly slammed against the vehicle from inertia and fell down onto the ground, surprising all the others at the scene .

It happened in a split second, catching everyone off guard .

“Enemy attack!” a soldier shouted and ran over to the fallen soldier to find him breathless with his head shot through from his eye socket .

“Jack! Sh*t! He’s dead!”

Boom . Another soldier fell down onto the ground with a bullet shot through their face .

This accuracy shocked Casey as he shouted in a hurry, “Take cover behind the vehicle!”

The remaining twenty-six soldiers scrambled behind the armed vehicle to take cover .

The commanders also spotted two of their soldiers had been shot through the head on camera .

“Sir, it was that sniper that fired!”

“What!” The commanders were taken aback . How the hell is that possible?

“Casey, pay attention . That sniper isn’t trying to sneak up on you; he’s planning to kill you from there!”

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