Chapter 589.2: Chapter 589.2 - Speed? Scare You To Death (Part Two)

Chapter 589: Speed? Scare You To Death (Part Two)

“We currently have only 90 points and yet we’ve already sacrificed seven soldiers! This is the first time we encountered this high of a mortality rate in the last five years, and it seems like District 7 should actually be the toughest of the ten districts to deal with!”

Casey endured his grief and held back his anger as he said word for word, “Keep moving, and the drones, continue to monitor him . ”

A soldier went over and brought the mine detector back as they continued moving forward .

Xu Cheng was almost halfway through his cigarette when he saw them moving again .

Once they reached another minefield, Xu Cheng fired another shot to detonate those mines .

The commander wondered . “Does he know where the mines are hidden? Why does he act as if every shot was planned?”

“Use the drone to get a photo of the entire area from a bird’s eye view . ”

Technician: “Yes, Sir!”

The technician used the drone to survey the area with all the soldiers and Xu Cheng in one frame . The commander stared at the video and saw that clearly there weren’t any marks that noted where the mines were; and he was even more curious how Xu Cheng seemed to know exactly where the mines were buried and how every one of his shots could precisely detonate the mines .

“Are the mines wireless?” The commanders asked Casey and the others, “Otherwise it’s hard to explain why his shots could detonate the mines . There’s no reason that he can know the layout of the mines exactly, unless he’s a computer, or they have someone else behind the scenes to manipulate the mines wirelessly for detonation . ”

Casey: “Not wireless devices . They’re all old knockout independent mines, but they’re buried so shallow that a normal sniper rifle bullet can penetrate the sand just enough to hit it and thus detonate it . ”

HQ: “So you believe that his shots are accurate enough to hit mines hidden underground?”

Casey: “I don’t! Which is why I need an explanation from you . ”

HQ: “Since you say they’re buried quite shallow, then that means a certain amount of sand and dust has increased the burden of the mine, which equates to a man stepping and thus detonating it . That’s the only explanation . ”

Casey smiled bitterly . “Then explain why the mines in the other areas haven’t exploded for so long, but the area we’re crawling around has? Tell me, how much further away are we from him?”

“About 700 meters and you can get your sniper ready . I’ll have the drone fly over his head later, so you can tell where he’s hiding . It’s time to test your blind shots . ”

Casey nodded at his other comrades . “Snipers get ready . ”

There was an expert sniper who took his sniper rifle off his back and loaded it with bullets, while a comrade covered for him as he held out a helmet in front of him . This way, he could safely look up at the drone and figure out the direction of the sniper without getting shot . He was cautious and once he was ready to start, his comrades in front of him would immediately get out of the way to give him an open field of view when he would take a blind snipe at the positioned angle .

“Fly the drone over that sniper’s head to give them the signal,” said the commander .

The technician nodded .

“Fick, please note that the target is at your 10 o’clock and 2 minutes angle, assuming that you’re currently facing the 12 o’clock direction,” the technician briefed him on the information .

Fick was the soldier in charge of the sniper, and he nodded as he took out his wrist elevation watch to set it straight . After pointing his gun in the direction of 10:02, he looked at the drone and it was indeed exactly over the direction his gun was pointed toward . Xu Cheng was exactly beneath where the drone was .


“Ready to go,” Fick answered .

On the other hand, Xu Cheng was also ready and whatever they were doing, he could already see with his penetrating vision .

They were in a situation where they couldn’t see Xu Cheng clearly, so their accuracy would be disrupted while Xu Cheng’s sniper rifle was already accurately pointed at Fick .

To test our hand speed, right?

Fick looked at his comrade blocking the scope and took a deep breath as he reached unprecedented levels of concentration .

The comrade who was covering him looked at him and asked, “Ready?”

Fick gestured OK .   “I’ll count down three two one and you get out of the way!”

His comrade nodded .


Xu Cheng’s attention was also focused as his crosshairs were hovering on the unseen Fick . Once his comrade moved away and exposed Fick’s face, then that would be the time for his bullet to pierce through him .



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