Chapter 591.2: Chapter 591.2 - The Battle of the Remaining Three (Part Two)  

Chapter 591: The Battle of the Remaining Three (Part Two)

They hadn’t harmed a single enemy yet, and eleven of their men had been killed, while nine were injured . This meant that twenty of them were expected to be out of the mission for the next round of the contest!

This was their worst performance since the battle with the Continental Mercenary Group five years ago; even worse, because the death toll of their opponent this time was zero!

The number was heavy .

Heavy enough that it made the commanders feel particularly depressed .

The drone was trapped in a cloud of dust and it was impossible to capture how many people were still alive . When the dust slowly dissipated, they leaned closer to the screen one by one to take a look .

Xu Cheng was gone!

“He’s gone!” someone yelled .

“Where did he go?”

The commanders immediately shouted to Casey and the others who were still running towards Xu Cheng, “Attention, the sniper is not there! He’s missing!”

At the same time, a few soldiers who had been knocked to the ground by the mine suddenly burst out screaming, “Ah!”

Casey and the other two’s pupils constricted .

“He’s behind us!”

Xu Cheng did take advantage of the long sandstorm to dash behind them, he had deliberately detonated all the mines around him to make the sand dust even thicker to disrupt the drones’ vision; at the same time disrupt the group of soldiers who had already scattered and ran . They wouldn’t be able to see well in such an environment, but Xu Cheng was different, he could see everything clearly!

So by the time Casey and the others were almost at where Xu Cheng was, Xu Cheng had already rushed to the side of those scattered soldiers and slit their throats one by one!

Casey’s trio turned back immediately, but the roiling sand prevented them from seeing objects and surroundings more than three meters away . By the time they found their comrades, they were already dead .

Casey: “Adam’s dead!”

Zachery: “Morris’s down!!”

Bowen: “Jiru’s dead! Crowe too, and so is Aman!”

Casey then found three more of his comrades nearby, all of them with their eyes open and their throats slit .

He crouched down and closed their eyes with his hands as he sighed . “Luther, Adams, and Steven are dead!”

The list of names was like a nightmare to the commanders as they stared at the machines and screens with blank eyes not knowing what to do or say . The mood was more than heavy, and the four commanders took off their headphones and smashed them across the wall .



After Zachery listed all the dead names, he sighed . “There are only three of us left! Captain, do you have any good ideas?”

Casey’s eyes were bloodshot as he crouched halfway down beside his comrades’ bodies . He looked around at the sand dust and suddenly roared, “Son of a b*tch! Come out if you dare! We’ll fight like men, and I will not be Casey if I can’t kill you!”

The commander said, “Casey, calm down . You’re only going to expose your location by yelling like that . All you three need to do now is calm down and go find the stun grenade in your bags; maybe it will help you in this situation . ”

Casey replied, “How the f*ck am I supposed to calm down? You tell me! We’re the only three left from a group of thirty . In just three days, on our first mission, we sacrificed twenty-seven of our comrades!”

Bowen also said in a deep voice, “If we don’t kill this man, we won’t be worthy of being the comrades of our dead brothers!”

Zachery agreed . “Exactly . ”

Casey yelled at the sand dust around him, “Come out here! I’ll kill you all!”

There was a bang of a gunshot .

The three men caught the direction of the gunshot with their ears and headed towards there .

When they arrived at a sandy place, they saw a black hooded man already standing in front of them with a cigarette in his hand as he inhaled a mouthful .

“Having fun?” he asked with a smile .

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