Chapter 592.2: Chapter 592.2 - Mind-blowing Scene (Part Two)

Chapter 592: Mind-blowing Scene (Part Two)

After the dagger blade plunged into his throat, Bowen’s trachea felt like it was being jammed and he could not make any sound .

“Uh-uh…” He could only make this sound and it was intermittent as if he was about to stop breathing . The sound was transmitted to the commanders and they all started to panic .

The technician said, “It’s Bowen, he’s probably injured as well!”

“Bowen, is everything all right? Answer!”

“Uh… . Uh…”

The voice sounded like the cries for help of a dying man; all that was left was a moan of despair .

The commander: “Hurry up and find out what’s going on inside the sand cloud!”

The technician: “We can only see it when the surrounding clears,” the technician answered .

The commanders said anxiously, “Manually control the drone to go inside to find out! Fly down!”

The technician: “It will be shot down again . ”

“I couldn’t care less now!” The commander said in a deep voice, “My a-s is about to be kicked out once we go back!”

The other three commanders also smiled bitterly, they knew that they were going to lose their jobs no matter what the outcome of this incident was going to be .

Casey was so shocked that he took three steps back, pulled out the pistol strapped to his leg, and pointed it at Xu Cheng .

“Move if you dare! I’ll shoot you in the head if you move again!”

Xu Cheng turned his head and his hands froze in mid-air as he stared at Casey’s gun without a word .

Casey’s eyes were red, and saliva came out when he shouted at Xu Cheng; he looked like a mess . His gaze looked like he wanted to crush Xu Cheng to pieces . In fact, he would have preferred to crush him with his strength, but with just these few moves against him, he had to admit the fact that he could not beat Xu Cheng .

None of the three people present could beat him!

Zachery’s arm was broken!

Bowen had stopped moving, and judging by the punctured artery on his neck, he was probably dead!

All of this hit Casey even harder, so now he just wanted to go crazy and vent himself in whatever way he could just to kill this man!

He finally pulled out his pistol and pointed it at Xu Cheng’s head as he shouted hysterically, “Come on, keep fighting! Keep killing!”

Xu Cheng looked at him with a sneer . “Do you know why I don’t like you guys? You guys are the typical example of the government setting fires while not allowing people to light up lamps . You just want to have fun slaughtering all those people, and yet you won’t allow us to fight back?”

“Fight back against what?” Casey said, “You guys are a bunch of criminals, and you really think you’ve been ‘reborn’ when you came here? Wherever you go, you are criminals who have committed crimes! It’s something that can’t be erased in a lifetime, and the more we kill, the more we’re just doing the people a favor!”

“Then I’m only killing you for myself . Man for self like Heaven for Earth! Since we are here in a land without laws, let’s let our strength talk,” said Xu Cheng .

“Strength, eh?” Casey brought the gun even closer to Xu Cheng’s forehead and said viciously, “I’m telling you, if we, the M Nation, wanted to, we could have bombed this place with tanks and jets . You have the strength? Come on, say it to my gun and my bullets, what can you do with your strength?”

“I don’t know your strength, but with my strength I can ignore your gun!” Xu Cheng said, staring at him while he quickly threw his shadow fists .

Casey also fired at the same time .

The bullets flew out with bangs, but Xu Cheng’s palm caught the bullets in the air, as he then punched Casey’s heart while snatching his pistol away with one hand . Casey spat out blood and directly flew 10 meters away and continued to roll down and fall as he never got up again .

Meanwhile, the drones gradually started to see the dead bodies in the sandy cloud and all of their faces turned pale .

When they flew towards Xu Cheng, his pistol was aimed at Zachery’s head who was still alive but had a broken wrist!

Bang! In front of the video surveillance .

Zachery was shot in the head, and all the staff and members at the headquarters witnessed his fall onto the ground!

Bowen and Casey’s dead body were also lying there for display .

This picture became the most mind-blowing scene in the history of the tournament

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