Chapter 593.2: Chapter 593.2 - Can I Have Your Autograph? You’re So Cool (Part Two)

Chapter 593 . Can I Have Your Autograph? You’re So Cool (Part Two)

Mario raised an eyebrow . “Are you sure they’re S-rank and not B-rank? This guy whose throat was stabbed through into trachea shouldn’t be an S-rank expert at all . And this, the guy who was taken out by a headshot with a broken wrist . For an S-rank expert, it would be an insult to die from such a shot . Then look at this Captain Casey you’re talking about; a black bruise on his chest, indicating that his internal organs have become necrotic, he probably died from the force of a single punch . The three of them died a little too easily, right?”

“They were really good . ” The Black Cats men said, “The three of them killed the most people that night, and they were competing in who could kill more people . Our boss was tortured to death by this captain Casey after the tendons in his limbs were cut . ”

Diesel suddenly spoke up, “Mario, are you questioning the strength of these soldiers, or do you not believe in the strength of Big Brother Cheng?”

“I’m not . ” Mario smacked his lips . “Don’t you put me in a trap . ”

Now that it was obvious that Xu Cheng was becoming more and more mysterious in this team, everyone was becoming more and more respectful towards him as the captain .

After Xu Cheng changed his clothes and came out, he said to all the captains, “A total of 28 corpses, as well as 28 bulletproof vests and helmet sets . Each captain will receive one set, and the rest will be put into our vault . ”

These goods all belonged to the military power of the country, and generally they would not be sold to the outside world . The cost of making these wasn’t extravagantly high but the problem is, there’s no seller to the public! So, it was lucky that they managed to get their hands on some sets of these armors because they are very useful in the Land of Mercenaries . ”

Those captains were overjoyed, and one by one, they began to remove the bulletproof vests and helmets .

“Thank you, Big Brother Cheng . ”

The Black Cats and the others were envious because this set of equipment would be very useful in keeping them alive in future battles .

Once Diesel put it on, it would be even more handy for him as an assassin in the future .

Just then, one of the soldiers rushed in . “Big Brother Cheng, the people from the M Nation are coming . ”

The one who came was not from the M Nation, but rather a rogue mercenary who was forced to come over to negotiate with Xu Cheng .

He was holding a satellite phone in his hand that was capable of video calling .

Xu Cheng had no choice but to put on his hood again before picking up the video call .

The other party was a senior officer, who should be the commander of the previous operation .

“We hope that you will treat the dead bodies of our soldiers well . ”

“I heard that your nation is very rich, a soldier’s dead body is worth 500K US dollars . There are 28 corpses here, that’s 14 million US dollars . One cent less and I’ll throw it all in the back of the mountain for the vultures to eat . ”

The other side snapped, “This is extortion . ”

Xu Cheng replied . “No, this is how winners should be treated . ”

“Do you believe that our bombers can level your mountain?”

“Don’t try to trick me because you think I don’t know politics . If you want to send your troops here and settle, you have to ask the neighbors . Will the four nations here let other countries’ troops come in? Not to say a fighter jet, I’ll admit I lose if you can even drive a tank in . ”

The other side was becoming furious .

Xu Cheng was right; the neighboring countries wouldn’t let the M Nation station their soldiers here to watch over them . It would be like choking the throats of the four countries, and they also wouldn’t let any country occupy this Land of Mercenaries and turn it into some military stronghold for any purpose .

Therefore, Xu Cheng wasn’t even afraid of their threat . They could only send elite soldiers over in the name of fighting criminals, and at most, they could send a company of soldiers .

One company of soldiers was nothing to Xu Cheng!

“Well, I have a very limited amount of time, and if you want them then get this guy to come over again with cash . Alright, bye,” Xu Cheng said as he hung up the phone .

Before this rogue mercenary left, he looked back at Xu Cheng and asked, “Can I have your autograph? You’re so f*cking cool!”

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