Chapter 599.2: Chapter 599.2 - There’s Only One Leader, You Divide Amongst Yourselves (Part Two)  

Chapter 599 . There’s Only One Leader, You Divide Amongst Yourselves (Part Two)

In the meantime, the remaining special forces from the nine countries, excluding the M Nation, had climbed up from different sides of the mountain .

No one entered through the main gate as they feared an ambush, and by the time they had climbed up trying to avoid any sorts of ambushes, it had already taken them two hours .

When everyone finally climbed up, all they saw was a plain and barren mountaintop without any armed soldiers, surprising them all .

“Thanks to you guys, my people have had enough time to run away,” Xu Cheng mocked them . “You guys were downhill about two hours ago, and it took two hours to climb up . How careful were you guys? And you call it an alliance between nine countries . Tsk . ”

The group of special forces didn’t dare to lose their alertness, and some waved their hands as a few soldiers started to search around in an orderly manner for any possible ambush .

After they had checked all around the houses and camps, making sure they were empty, they surrounded Xu Cheng at the square .

The captain from the R Nation asked him, “Why didn’t you run with all the others?”

“It’s a beheading mission . What’s the point of me running away when all of you will hunt me down for the mission? There hasn’t been a case where a leader survives an beheading mission in history . ”

“You sure are knowledgeable . If that is the case, then why didn’t you send the bodies of the M Nation soldiers over earlier? You know what you’re doing is a provocation to the Special Forces, to all the Special Forces in this tournament . ”

“So that’s your reason for targeting me, right?” Xu Cheng sneered . “You’re allowed to kill us as part of your military drill and we’re not allowed to resist?”

“You have every right to resist, but can you?” The R Nation captain laughed . “How about you try resisting now?”

Xu Cheng looked around at the 280 soldiers present, but he was in no hurry as he smiled . “In other words, you guys climbed up here without much effort, but in the end, who’s going to take my life? I can’t be divided into pieces so all of your nine countries can get a share, can I? You guys figure that out first . ”

That was indeed a problem .

The soldiers from the nine countries looked at each other, and the R Nation’s side spoke up first as they asked the other teams . “He’s right, how do we divide it up?”

The others were quite puzzled as well because they thought they were each going to fight their way up, and whoever could fight until the end would win . None of them expected the climb would be so smooth, and moreover, they did not expect that their target would be waiting for them without any resistance .

Now, whoever wanted to take Xu Cheng’s life, the other countries would not agree .

“How about we compete one on one?” An R Nation soldier suggested .

As soon as he suggested that, the other soldiers who were relatively weak in solo combat were unhappy . “You guys are good at solo combat while our team is good in teamwork . What’s the point of fighting solo? Fight as a team if you dare!””

The R Nation soldiers yelled back, “Well, it’s always okay to give you a spot as duels, alright? I’ll fight the two of you alone! Is that okay or not?”

That was when the I Nation’s captain said, “Well, we want two spots too . ”

“Get out! Your military power is already strong, stop acting like a weak country,” the R Nation answered .

Xu Cheng yawned . “Are you guys fighting or not? I’m falling asleep, so hurry up . ”

Some other countries suggested, “There’s only one target . It doesn’t matter who goes first . We all came up here at the same time, so we should all get a share . If we all go for him at the same time, it doesn’t fit the mission statement, so we still have to think of a way to fight for who he will belong to . ”

The R Nation’s captain: “We’ve said it before . Go solo! Unless you have a better method . ”

At this point, the Britain Nation’s special forces suggested . “Surely no one will be convinced by comparing strength, so why not luck?”

Everyone: “How do we do that?”

“A revolver with only five rounds . Whoever’s unlucky enough to shoot the bullets loses . Yes or no?” The Britain Nation soldier continued saying, “I believe we are all experts at playing with guns and know the most basics about this kind of game . Only one of the six is empty, and whoever doesn’t shoot the bullet will enter into the next round . Vice versa, those who shoot the bullet are eliminated . ”

Their eyes were bright with enthusiasm when they heard the rules . If there was only one bullet, then those soldiers who always played with revolvers could roughly hear the exact location of the bullet when they spin it . However, if they do the other way around with five bullets and one empty slot, and that they were only allowed to shoot the empty round; it would be more interesting and difficult to succeed .

Xu Cheng also nodded . “Okay then, which one of you will go first?”

A gunman from the Britain Nation’s force stepped forward . “I will go first . ”

He fired five rounds in front of everyone at an effective range of 50 meters and released the cylinder with his hand .

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