Chapter 602.2: Chapter 602.2 - Give Them A Little Warning (Part Two)

Chapter 602 . Give Them A Little Warning (Part Two)

Mario answered, “Lin Dong is the only one that hasn’t yet . ”

Xu Cheng smiled bitterly . “He’s got a poor physique to begin with, so he’ll take his time . In the meantime, put up our Deviant Corp flag since from today onwards, our name will be officially known in the Land of Mercenaries!”

Mario nodded as he carried the flag over to the gate, climbed to the highest point, and planted it into the ground .

“Chekhov, go and give the gang a warning . ” Xu Cheng beckoned .

Chekhov ran out from the shadows and Xu Cheng whispered in his ear .

After he nodded, he said to Mario, “Mario, come on . Let’s get things done . ”

Mario said in disgust, “I don’t like you now . I would be taken advantage of if I cooperate with you, so no . ”

Xu Cheng said to Mario at this time, “You go and take charge of covering him, and block bullets for him if necessary . ”

Mario was speechless . “Boss, don’t do that to me . ”

Xu Cheng: “That’s an order!”

Mario: “Alright, I’ll go . ”

Then he went and drove a car over as Chekhov slung a sniper rifle over his shoulder and hopped in . Mario took him down the hill and asked him, “What’s the mission?”

Chekhov: “Drive slowly . That soldier is just ahead . He’s fast but tired, so slow down so he doesn’t notice we’re following him . ”

Mario wondered . “Didn’t Big Brother Cheng say he was going to leave him alone?”

“Yeah, but only let him say what he needs to say and not let him say the rest of what he shouldn’t . Big Brother Cheng was afraid he might tell them about Diesel’s claws so he asked us to tail over and see what happens . ”

Mario nodded as he understood .

Chekhov located the soldier with his ultrasonic senses and paid attention to his every move as he followed with the car at a distance .

All that soldier could think about was running back in one direction as his mind had been blown away . They had left the mountain less than half an hour ago, so they did not know what had happened when they heard gunshots going off . When they returned to the mercenary camp, the soldiers from the four remaining nations were dead . No, including them would be a total of five countries with a total of 130 soldiers . The pile of corpses made him lose his confidence and alertness, so he didn’t notice he was being followed .

The soldiers from the four countries that had lost the shooting contest earlier had already reached the basecamp .

Their commander wondered why

they returned empty handed without any wounds upon them . They asked out of

curiosity and the soldiers told them all about it . They were then disciplined

by their commanders, especially the captains who were scolded the most .

While the commanders of the four countries were furious, a soldier from the I Nation came crawling in, his entire uniform soaked in sweat and his face pale white . He ran into the basecamp and just plopped down on the ground, almost passing out from severe dehydration .

At this point, the entire crew, including the referee and the commander team from the I Nation noticed the badge on his uniform, and all of the I Nation crew ran out realizing that he was their man .

“Paco, what happened to you?”

Meanwhile, Chekhov, who was lying on top on the front of a truck parked on a hillside not far from the camp, said to Mario, “Stop, this view is just fine . ”

Mario stopped the truck as he peeked out the window and asked Chekhov above him, “What are you planning to do?”

Chekhov said as he adjusted his aim, “What Boss meant was to give these people a warning that if they don’t retreat or leave, then the fate of this soldier would also be their future . ”

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