Chapter 613.1: Chapter 613.1 - No Winners (Part One)

Chapter 613: No Winners (Part One)

After Kush took off his

shirt and revealed his chest, the wounds on his body became very obvious . They

were densely packed with all kinds of bullet wounds, scars, and crossed blades .

In short, one could see the wounds left behind by all kinds of weapons in the

world on his body .

Xu Cheng looked at the wounds on his body, and he sort of admired that this was a man who had survived by fighting for his life .

“It’s strange why there are so many wounds on your body,” Xu Cheng said indifferently .

“You won’t be surprised after you fight me . My fighting methods are somewhat special,” Kush said .

Xu Cheng grunted as he rushed into the sky and knee dropped at Kush . Kush did not avoid it, instead directly swinging the dagger, slashing it at Xu Cheng .

Xu Cheng’s trousers were directly ruptured at the knee with a wound, and Kush was also smashed into a hole in the ground . He immediately rolled over and stared at Xu Cheng with a grin, spilling out a mouthful of blood from the corner of his mouth .

Xu Cheng’s knee stumbled . His kneecap was injured by the wind and was now dripping with blood .

“That’s my way of fighting . I like to trade one life for another, but I always get lucky . My life is more important than anyone else’s . ” Kush wiped the corner of his mouth . There was some severe pain in his chest, but he held on strong .

Xu Cheng slowly stood up, straightening his knees .

Kush knew that the best time to strike his opponent was while Xu Cheng was injured .

Kush’s combat experience had made his body very sturdy . He endured the pain and rushed in front of Xu Cheng . Xu Cheng wanted to dodge but his knees sent a painful signal upwards, and his brows narrowed as he grabbed Kush’s wrist .

Who knew that Kush would suddenly pull out a new dagger and slash it towards Xu Cheng’s neck . Xu Cheng saw that he was reaching for his throat, so he turned his head sideways but the side of his neck was still cut open . Xu Cheng also instinctively kicked Kush’s chest, kicking Kush away by pure blunt force, while receiving the wound on his neck . Fortunately the blood vessels were not cut, but he couldn’t stop the bleeding and grimaced in pain . He covered his neck as he stared at Kush since his knee was injured and it was hard to get closer .

Kush spat a mouthful of blood and wiped it off immediately, his eyes bloodshot red . The dagger in his hand never left him, as he brandished it and said, “You’re the first one who I had to use both hands to fight . ”

Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “You’re fighting in this tough manner so you can see who’s going to be left standing in the end, right?”

Kush: “Or what? It’s the only way . Whoever’s breathing until the last minute will have a chance to kill the other person . At our level, anyone can run away if they want to, so it’s hard to hurt each other . I can only kill you if I exhaust your energy . I’m confident that in terms of combat and physical toughness, you’re not as good as me . I was made for war . ”

“You’re going to lose, believe it or not . ”” Xu Cheng looked at him and said, “If you leave now and don’t interfere in my affairs in the future, we might still become friends . ”

“No way!” Kush said, “There’s only one king in the jungle, not two . I will lose my status and authority if I let you step up on me . As a commander, I won’t be able to manage my mercenaries well . On the other hand, your death will bring my achievements and prestige to an unprecedented height! I wouldn’t miss this chance for the world . ”

“My injuries are external while yours are internal . You must be in worse condition than me,” Xu Cheng said .

“Yes . ” Kush said, “But for a short time, the external injuries are more restricting . Maybe I will have all kinds of internal injuries afterwards, but it doesn’t matter because for a short time I can finish you off just fine, just fine . Your knee ligaments are severed, and your right leg has lost its explosive power, which also restricts you from moving . Another centimeter deeper in your neck would have killed you, and now you’re worse off than me . ”

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