Chapter 622.2: Chapter 622.2 - It’s Time to Wrap Up (Part Two)

Chapter 622: It’s Time to Wrap Up (Part Two)

It seemed like their boss hadn’t done anything since he walked out but compared to the 300+ soldiers they had spent a lot of time killing, their boss, Xu Cheng, killed 50+ soldiers in less than a minute!

“Incredible!” Mario sighed. “I think Boss’s aura got even stronger.”

Chekhov nodded, “Well, my ultrasonic senses can feel that a powerful wave is emanating from him, similar to ultrasound. It can affect people!”

After Xu Cheng walked back into the room, Lin Dong had gone inside to save those other brothers who were affected by Li Wei’s thunderbolt.

“Teacher, Brother Luo Yi has rescued them. His strength was already strong and he had a strong will, so his life was saved. Li Wei is currently in a shock coma, and the people whose abilities have awakened are mostly alive, but…”

“But what?” Zhang Xiu had a bad feeling when he asked.

“But the others died!”

Xu Cheng looked at a total of 25 brothers, of which 21 of the 22 whose abilities had not awakened had completely lost their lives. He took a look at them and sighed.

“What the hell happened?” he asked.

After Mario told him about Li Wei’s lightning move, Xu Cheng sighed, “Electricity can completely destroy cells, don’t you know? Even if our members are genetically strong, they are just cell bodies in front of hundreds of thousands of volts of lightning, eh.”

Having heard Xu Cheng’s sigh, Mario as well as Zhang Xiu and the others were taken aback. “Boss, you can’t do anything about it?”

Xu Cheng shook his head. “I said, unless your heart or brain is dead, I could give it a try. But for them, not just their hearts and brains, but all of their cells were destroyed by the electric shock. Their blood had even coagulated already, and they can’t be revived.”

Mario threw his helmet at the wall and punched a hole right through it.

Chekhov crouched down beside Kurt’s corpse, who hadn’t awakened his ability yet and closed his eyes with his hand. “RIP, man.”

He and Kurt were originally on the same team, but now Kurt was dead, so he was somewhat in grief.

Lin Dong looked at the unconscious Li Wei and sighed, “I really don’t know what to say to Li Wei when he wakes up.”

“Don’t say anything, if you’re a brother, then don’t say anything. Let’s take out all of our pain on our enemies, because without them, this wouldn’t have happened.” Xu Cheng walked out of the door first and said to the rest of the group, “Those who can still fight, come with me.”

Mario: “Where to?”

Xu Cheng: “The three major mercenary clans are taking this opportunity to eliminate me, and they will also try to eliminate Kush. I think there’s a battle there too, so let’s go and end it all! It’s time for the Land of Mercenaries to change hands.”

Chekhov: “I’m going!”

Mario yelled, “What are you going to do when your abilities are limited by the rain? Stop trying to get yourself killed!”

“I am going!” Chekhov pointed at Kurt’s body with bloodshot eyes and said, “I’ll kill those a*sholes! I’m going to kill as much as I can!”

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