Chapter 625.2: Chapter 625.2 - Need Kush (Part Two)

Chapter 625: Need Kush (Part Two)

A sharp gaze burst out of Kush’s eyes at the three leaders, and although the man was weak, thes murderous aura bursting out of his eyes were still full of intimidation .

This was the spiritual power of a powerful soul!

The three leaders were subconsciously stunned for a bit and their expressions changed .

Kush said again, “They will not be slaves! If you don’t agree, then I’ll die in front of you . Do you believe that? If my soldiers see me dead here, they will go mad and come and fight you to death! Don’t doubt my mercenaries, their iron-blooded will is not to be questioned!”

The three leaders gulped as they believed him .

If the Continental Mercenaries didn’t have cohesion, they couldn’t have been able to perform a miracle and overthrow the incompetent government in the first place . It took an army of iron-blooded soldiers to do so .

The three leaders of the clans compromised .

“Alright! You tell them to drop all guns and ammunition and come out in a line to accept the surrender . ”

Kush nodded and gave the second-in-command a look to his side .

Ander frowned at him for a long time, and finally turned to gesture at those of his own men who were facing off .

The soldiers all gritted their teeth, finding it hard to accept the choice to abandon the war in such a way .

A few of the core members were even very angry!

But there was nothing they could do . Their boss had already gone over in someone’s hands, so they could only walk out one by one .

When the three mercenary clans saw them walk out, they shouted with their loudspeakers, “Drop your guns and surrender!”

From a distance, Xu Cheng said after looking at the scene, “Looks like he’s going to choose to save his brothers . Dulson, if he pulls out his gun and kills himself later, how sure are you that you can save Kush under the eyes of a crowd of a hundred soldiers?”

Dulson: “It’s a little hard . The moment I pick him up, I will be exposed to them . I will be exposed to sniper fire when I start running back!”

Xu Cheng: “Zhang Xiu will throw a few bombs over to cover you later to interfere with their vision . ”

Dulson frowned . “Captain, I’m actually afraid that Kush, in that state, can’t withstand my excessive speed . He might suffocate from the wind!”

Zhang Xiu nodded . “I testify to that, I threw up all afternoon until my bile came out all after he carried me that day . Being carried by him is really nauseating . ”

Dulson was puzzled and asked, “Captain, why are you saving him?”

“Not saving, but to use his influence!” Xu Cheng said, “Have you ever thought that once we occupy this place, without an armed army, what would be the difference between us and a bare-bones commander? At that time, the territory originally occupied by the Continental Mercenaries, which accounts for one-third of the Land of the mercenaries, and all of them would be cut up in turmoil, so who would suppress them? We still need Kush and his Continental Mercenary Corps to temporarily suppress them, and we then expand to absorb the territory of the three major mercenary clans . So, we also need more armed soldiers to resist those second-tier armed mercenaries who are taking advantage of this opportunity to stir things up . This battle seems to be a reshuffling of power, but with one mistake, it will be the beginning of another war!”

Chekhov disagreed, “Captain, Kush is not a man to keep! There’s no guarantee he won’t be a threat to you in the future!”

Xu Cheng smiled . “I might have been afraid earlier, but now or maybe in the future, he might willingly work under my command . If Kush had the intention of becoming the king, then he would have done so long ago . Alright, I know you guys are worried that he will choose to die with me again, but don’t worry, I am sure of what I’m doing . Dulson, you’ll be in charge of rescuing him . Find the right time to take Kush while his soldiers surrender . His soldiers will fight hard against the alliance of the three mercenary clans, and we’ll go in from behind and kill them from the inside out!”

Dulson nodded . “Yes, Boss!”

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