Chapter 628.2: Chapter 628.2 - One Smart Way Would be Better for Control (Part Two)

Chapter 628: One Smart Way Would be Better for Control (Part Two)

After a long period of silence, Luo Yi couldn’t help but ask Xu Cheng, “Big Brother Cheng, what about the agreement to conquer this world? Why did you give up?”

“Didn’t we conquer it?” Xu Cheng looked at the Deviant Corp members and asked rhetorically .

Luo Yi: “Are you just going to not kill Kush and then let the Continental Mercenaries just continue to rule?”

Xu Cheng: “I’ve figured it out, not only this but you guys will also be responsible for helping the Continental Mercenaries to beat down other territories that originally belonged to the four clans, allowing the land of mercenaries to merge and expand by two-thirds . ”

Everyone asked in unison, “Why!”

Xu Cheng said, “Look around you guys, how many brothers do we still have left?”

The crowd went silent .

Xu Cheng sighed . “If we rule, we will face a head-on confrontation with people from various countries, and then we will only expose the truth that we are supernatural beings . By that time, which one of you will be able to protect yourselves? At least before we can protect ourselves, I think it’s best if we stand behind the Continental Mercenaries . We seem to give everything to them, but we’re the ones who really rule here! Any one of your guys or I, if we wanted, could always support so-and-so of the Continental Mercenaries to stand upon the stage, and there’s no need for us to personally step up, right? From now on, this is the place where our Deviant Corp will reside . We are not in power, but we are the ones in control!”

The crowd nodded .

Although this method would cause them to lose the fame and glory, it was safer .

“If that’s so, I agree with this decision . ” Luo Yi was the first to step forward and express his opinion .

Li Wei nodded as well . “Yes, covering up the sharp edges of our Deviant Corp would become necessary sooner or later . It’s best to live and continue to thrive with this lack of exposure, since it’s true that we are under the spotlight right now . ”

Mario grinned . “What the Boss says is what it is, it’s not like we could not get along now? Anyway, we’re all on the same ship now, and the Boss won’t harm us . ”

Chekhov: “Right Boss, since you made your decision, then you don’t need to care about what we think . ”

However, Benjamin said awkwardly, “I don’t seem like I should be hanging around here, and are you guys going to kill anyone who heard that? If you want to kill me, then kill . I’m a traitor anyways so I should be dead . It was nice to be saved from death and be given a chance to make amends . ”

Diesel looked at his old friend and asked, “I heard from Dulson that you yelled out loud something before you were about to die?”

Benjamin opened his mouth, but no words came out .

Diesel looked at him . “Is it shameful to say it?”

Benjamin shouted with power, “I said I’m from the Deviant Corp!”

“That’s right . ” Mario grabbed Benjamin and hugged him over like a bear . “Come, come, let me tell you about the important things and rules of the Deviant Corp . Oh yes, in order for you to understand the Deviant Corp better, I think I need to show you a punch . ”

Diesel: “Mario you’re going to kill him with that punch . ”

Benjamin didn’t care . “If you can forgive me, not to mention a punch, as long as you will forgive me, you can do whatever you want!”

The crowd: “Dumb*ss!”

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