Chapter 631.2: Chapter 631.2 - Kush Joins (Part Two)

Chapter 631: Kush Joins (Part Two)

Having said that, Benjamin now really turned around and walked outside with his bag of papers .

Kush yelled with all his might, “Stop the fck right there! I’ll join . You come back, and if you don’t fking do what you say you’re going to do, I’m going to have my brother carry your dead body to the Deviant Corp’s mountain . ”

Benjamin: “You won’t . Also, I want to remind you, Mr . Kush, to not say anything about any of the details of the Deviant Corp to anyone else . ”

After saying that, he tapped one hand on the back of Kush’s head, knocking him out .

Then he began to inject him with the drug to save him .

It was evening .

When Kush slowly opened his eyes and woke up, he saw that he was still in the room, still had the same ceiling, as well as, still had all that damn medical equipment on his bed .

But, there was no more Benjamin nor any others around him as well .

Kush was ready to storm off when he realized that his annoyance had caused the bed to just crumble .

He was stunned to see his hands and to feel his whole body being full of energy, so he slowly stood up and walked around . Without all those various medications and nutrient tubes, he twisted his neck and moved his whole body with no problems at all .

His face regained the strength that belonged to Kush after he crushed the wooden bed with a single punch .


When they heard the bed bounce outside, they rushed in and were delighted to see Kush standing there fine . “Boss, your body…?”

Kush smiled slightly . “I’m fine . By the way, where’s the Deviant Corp guest guy that came today?”

“He stayed with you for an hour and then left . We came in and saw you sleeping so we thought he had done something bad to you, but the doctor said you were fine and was just sleeping through it . ”

Kush blinked, a little curious as to how this Deviant Corp visitor had managed to do it .

He felt wet and sticky and waved for the guards to go out . Then he went to the bathroom in his bedroom, where he undressed in front of the mirror to see if his skin had been tampered with in any way, and he didn’t notice anything unusual . But when he was about to take a shower and turn around, he saw in the mirror that on his back, a new extra tattoo, still red with blood, had appeared . He guessed that he had probably just gotten it .

The pattern was heralded as a totem tattoo of the Deviant Corp, the planet earth shrouded by a man’s grasp, and there’s a moon carved on the earth as well .

– The top of the Deviant Corp’s mountain –

– Night –

Benjamin reported to Xu Cheng upon his return . “Boss, mission accomplished . Kush has joined . ”

Xu Cheng nodded and said to Vala, Dulson, and Diesel, “The beheading mission can be executed . Just give Kush a big gift to prove our sincerity, okay? As for Blackwater’s guys, leave them alone for now . The M Nation has lost so many people this time, so they will definitely support Blackwater with various advanced equipment . We will wait for them to take the initiative to come and find us . It would be best to kill them and get their advanced equipment and take it to the Underground Research Department so that they can make whatever they can to provide to the Continental Mercenaries . No, they should be called the Continental Government Army now . ”

Vala and Diesel nodded and then disappeared into the night one after another in their black assassin clothes .

Mario was a little dissatisfied . “Boss, I can also do assassinations . ”

Xu Cheng gave him a blank look . “You are as agile as those three? When you run the whole facking ground can shake like there’s an earthquake; it would be difficult for the enemies to not see you even if they tried!”

Mario laughed bitterly . “I want to lose weight!”

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