Chapter 632.2: Chapter 632.2 - Good News from Home (Part Two)

Chapter 632: Good News from Home (Part Two)

The assistant glared at him.

“Talk less, work more, let’s go.” Hanks led the assistant to the boarding area at the other terminal.

When Xu Cheng was ready to register, he went to the washroom to tear off some of his fake skin mask and some scar features, regaining his clean appearance. Then he boarded the plane to fly to the M Nation.

There was a cell phone in the bag the black man had given him, and when he just landed and gained signal, Stenson called.

“Boss, you’ve been missing for three months! Tell me, what have you been up to, and why is it so hard for me to debrief you?”

“Come report back to me after I go see my wife,” Xu Cheng answered.

“What?” Stenson didn’t believe it. “God, you have a wife, boss? Are you married? My goodness, how can you, Boss, get married so early when you’re such a golden bachelor? It’s just a big sorry loss for all those starlets and Victoria’s Secret Angels in Hollywood. I feel sorry for you, you’re the owner of two of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas, so which celebrity model wouldn’t want to climb onto your bed?”

Xu Cheng was speechless. “Stenson, I know I’m good, but I think that my wife is totally worthy of me. Oh, right, let me remind you, she is still your boss’s wife. She will be taking over the financial management in the future, so you better get on good terms with her. Otherwise, don’t blame me if she wants to fire you.”

Stenson said, “I just feel too bad. I thought that at your age, Boss, you shouldn’t give up the whole forest for a tree.”

Xu Cheng grinned. “Then she’s definitely the most expensive priceless tree of life in the forest. Alright, I don’t have time to listen to your long-windedness, I’m going to find my other half.”

Stenson: “Can I go there with you?”

Xu Cheng: “Then you come to Cambridge.”

Stenson: “Okay, I’ll leave and come over right away.”

Xu Cheng immediately called Lin Chuxue. His phone number was an unfamiliar number, but after getting through and hearing his voice, Lin Chuxue recognized him but still deliberately asked, “Who is it?”

Lin Chuxue’s lips slightly curled. “My husband’s phone number is not this. If you want to play a prank, please stop.”

Xu Cheng cried and laughed. “Honey, that night I saw a pink birthmark on the bottom of the left side of your chest.”

Lin Chuxue wasn’t able to fool around any longer. “Xu Cheng you b—–d! Can you hold a conversation? You’ve been missing for three months and you are still joking around like this? I’ve been calling you on your cell phone and it’s not in service, so I already pretended that my husband is dead. Hmph!”

Xu Cheng laughed. “How could I die so easily? Didn’t I just die and come back out of the ground? It’s not that I can’t leave my wife behind; I just feel sorry for the Xu Family ancestors for not having a pair of children with her, so I climbed back out again.”

“Go to hell, who wants to have a baby with you…” giggled Lin Chuxu. “If you don’t show up, I’m afraid your only family member won’t be able to get married. That brat Ye Xiu calls me every day asking if I’m hiding you or not. Every time he calls, I curse at him!”

Xu Cheng wondered, “What’s wrong?”

Lin Chuxue said, “He said your Uncle Zhou Zhen is looking for you. He’s one step away from kneeling down to find you. Ye Xiu said that Aunt Lan went smoothly with him, and Zhou Zhen is not young anymore, so he wants to get married. However, Aunt Lan over there wanted to see if you have time, because she sees you as half a family. If you weren’t going to attend, she was afraid that no one could hold the scene, so the wedding was postponed. Meanwhile, if Zhou Zhen wasn’t tied down because of his identity and position, he would have booked a flight and kidnapped you back.”

“Auntie Lan is getting married?” Xu Cheng was happy. “That’s great, I’ve been afraid of her being lonely for someone who is almost 50. So what are you waiting for, Honey, let’s go back for a trip.”

Lin Chuxue: “You are finally willing to take me out?”

Xu Cheng laughed, “If I don’t bring you out. People will say I’m too low-key, and I’m afraid they’ll think I’m a low-key pretentious.”

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