Chapter 633.2: Chapter 633.2 - Forced to Be High Profile (Part Two)

Chapter 633: Forced to Be High Profile (Part Two)

“How do I have a crooked mind?” Xu Cheng was stunned .

“I know you want to chase after that woman just now, but take a look at yourself and look at her . She’s studying at Harvard and you look like you have nothing . Do you think you’re worthy of her?” Jenny’s son sneered at him .

Xu Cheng finally understood that they still didn’t believe that he and Lin Chuxue were married . Also, by the looks of this man’s attitude, he seemed to have some interest in his wife .

Xu Cheng asked, “Then I’m curious, what kind of man can be worthy of her?”

“Someone, for example, like me . ” The landlord’s son said, “I work for a multinational corporation as a merchandise manager and I make $20K a month . Here’s my business card . That car parked on the side of the road there is worth over $80K and the money to keep it costs $500 per month for gas and maintenance . Do you even have $500 in your pocket right now?”

Xu Cheng came over from the Land of Mercenaries and of course carried no money . He smacked his lips and said, “It is true that I don’t have it on me now, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have any . ”

“Don’t play this trick with me, men like you just don’t admit that you have failed, always tricking women with morals and dreams . If they don’t believe you and choose a more luxurious life, you would say that they are shallow gold diggers . Then, according to you who can’t satisfy their material needs, would you be considered a loser? I’m sorry if this talk was blunt or hurt your pride, but I’m just trying to wake you up . You should thank me and listen to me, because you don’t deserve a woman like her . ”

Xu Cheng responded,

“Then you are worthy of it? How much money do you have for her to spend?

Did you know that the set of solid diamond bracelets she’s wearing on her wrist

is a limited edition design that was released last year by one of Britain’s

biggest jewellery companies that rank amongst the top ten European luxury

companies? It’s worth €80,000, which is probably worth 4 years of your salary .

Besides, she’s wearing several watches; can’t you tell they’re all from Patek

Philippe? She has a total of three limited-edition women’s custom-made watches

on her, each priced at 50 million euros, which is equivalent to 10 years of

your labour . If you are knowledgeable about the fashion industry, you would

know that it’s not difficult to find the clothes she was wearing just now in

Paris fashion shows, with even single items being in the $50K bidding range .

Her wardrobe is big enough to accommodate one tenth of the clothes from fashion

shows, which is enough for you to labour for 20 years to afford . ”

The landlord’s son was stunned . “You… how do you know all this?”

“Boss . ” At this time, Stanson drove over in Xu Cheng’s Las Vegas casino limousine and pulled over to the curb to wave at him .

Xu Cheng smiled at this landlord’s son and said, “See that car? A month’s worth of bodyguards and chauffeurs and expenses just for its maintenance will cost $100K, which is worth half a year of your labour . Besides, this Cadillac is a customized version of an extended business sedan, and I’m afraid you can’t even afford to purchase this car after struggling for 30 years . ”

After Xu Cheng finished speaking, he walked towards the sedan, and turned back, not forgetting to say to this landlord’s son, “Why do you think I know so many things about her? Because I bought all of them for her . ”

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