Chapter 634.2: Chapter 634.2 - The Haunting Phone Call (Part Two)

Chapter 634: The Haunting Phone Call (Part Two)

So, when Lin Chuxue smiled, it would really melt anything .

But Lin Chuxue didn’t smile, and instead she looked at Stenson, freezing him with her glare .

“Who is this guy?” Lin Chuxue asked Xu Cheng . She had yet to see Stenson before .

Stenson quickly introduced himself . “Ma’am, my name is Stenson . I am in charge of the financial management and am an investment advisor for Boss . In simple and easy to understand terms, I’m an accountant . ”

“He is the financial manager I recruited with an annual salary of ten million, very professional,” Xu Cheng explained .

“Did I ask you?” Lin Chuxue turned her head over and gave a hard look at Xu Cheng . She was still angry about Xu Cheng’s disappearance for three months . She looked at Stenson again and said, “Why do you need such a large annual salary for? It’s easy to find someone like you with a million-dollar annual salary on Wall Street . Let’s reduce it to 5 million first . ”

Stenson’s eyes widened and looked at Xu Cheng, who pointed at him and said to him, “Alright, 5 million it is, you heard her . ”

“Yes . ” Stenson smiled bitterly .

Lin Chuxue knew that Xu Cheng was deliberately agreeing with her . “For the sake of you sending the raw diamond materials to my mother’s side, I’ll let you off the hook this time . ”

The phone in her bag suddenly rang .

Lin Chuxue pulled out her phone and handed it to Xu Cheng . “I can’t stand Ye Xiu anymore, you talk to him . This is the 26th call he has made to me this month . ”

Xu Cheng quickly answered the phone .

Ye Xiu’s wailing voice could be heard from the other end . “Sister-in-law, let my brother come back . I’ve been cornered every day by Uncle Zhou Zhen, this b*stard has taken a wedding leave to keep his eyes on me . He’s the first one I see when I open my eyes, he’s here while I eat and even when I’m in the bathrooms . I can’t stand him anymore and I’m about to go crazy you know? Seeing that I’m the only one left in the Ye Family, and to keep me sane, please let my brother come back and attend the wedding . Auntie Lan had said that if both of you don’t come, then she won’t get married . Uncle Zhou Zhen wouldn’t accept that, and the whole city has received their wedding invitations already . I’m not afraid of him being humiliated on his wedding day, but that he will use me as a punching bag afterwards . He’s from the police force, and I can’t win!”

Xu Cheng was speechless . “Isn’t the old man arranging the wedding? Is there that much trouble?”

“Oh my gosh, you’re not dead yet, my brother?” Ye Xiu was scared by his voice .

Xu Cheng: “You f*cking want to see me die?”

Ye Xiu: “You’re not dead, but I’m dying, so hurry back home . Auntie Lan said the only people she was close to were you and your wife, she asked you to come and attend the wedding, or else she won’t go through with it . This has made my Uncle Zhou Zhen anxious, he said that if you don’t come back, then he will issue a legal document to extradite you back from the M Nation!”

Zhou Zhen was eavesdropping on the other end, and when he heard Ye Xiu on the phone with Xu Cheng, he immediately snatched the phone and shouted . “Xu Cheng! Your Uncle Zhou Zhen, my happiness depends on you! If you don’t come back, then Lan Ting won’t marry me! The old man has said that he will take you into interrogation if that’s the case!”

Xu Cheng: “I’m afraid of dying, so I’d better not come back . ”

Zhou Zhen cried, “Don’t do that! Can you bear the thought of two lovers who can’t be together? Think about your father and your mother… what’s the difference between you and Ryong Xiao . ”

Xu Cheng laughed . “Get lost, don’t insult my parents’ love . I’m already on my way back . ”

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