Chapter 635.2: Chapter 635.2 - Headline: Lin Chuxue’s Husband (Part Two)

Chapter 635: Headline: Lin Chuxue’s Husband (Part Two)

Lin Chuxue had no scandals, no socializing events, and all of her dramas never had any kissing scenes . She was everyone’s diva with an innocent image, and no paparazzi managed to get any scandals with her in it . But today, if this woman was really Lin Chuxue holding a man’s arm, then for the reporter, it was simply big headline news material .

For a while, the reporters swarmed Lin Chuxue and Xu Cheng before they even walked out of the airport .

“Lin Chuxue! Lin Chuxue we know it’s you! May I ask who this gentleman next to you is?”

“Lin Chuxue, I heard that you have retired, is it related to this gentleman? Are you two in a romantic relationship?”

“Princess Snow, could you introduce the gentleman you’re holding on to? Is he your boyfriend?”

The fuss caused by the reporters attracted others who were Lin Chuxue’s fans, and everyone rushed towards them, taking pictures of Xu Cheng and Lin Chuxue holding hands together .

Xu Cheng instinctively put one arm around Lin Chuxue to protect her .

“You go pick up the car,” Xu Cheng said impatiently to Ye Xiu .

Ye Xiu nodded . His car was still in the parking lot, and it was obviously unrealistic for them to walk there now under this situation . It would be better if he simply went to get his car and came to pick them up at the entrance of the airport .

Xu Cheng did not expect so many reporters and fans . All of a sudden, the airport was surrounded by a flood of people; even the airport security who came over to maintain order couldn’t stop them, and everyone was taking pictures while handing microphones to Lin Chuxue, hoping that she could say something .

For the entire time Lin Chuxue had her sunglasses on and lips pressed tight together, until she whispered beside Xu Cheng’s ears . “Don’t you plan to say something? How long are we going to be trapped here?”

Xu Cheng nodded and pulled Lin Chuxue behind him with a determined face . He then casually took a microphone and said, “Let me say it, I’ll introduce myself . I am Lin Chuxue’s husband . ”


Everyone was in an uproar instantly .

“Princess Snow, does this mean you are married? Is this true?” The reporters fired up the questions .

“Princess Snow, can you tell us yourself . ”

Lin Chuxue stepped forward and said straightforwardly, “What my husband has said is already very clear, I want to ask you to bless us . There is also something else I want to tell you, my husband and I actually grew up as childhood sweethearts, and we have known each other for 20 years . Before I entered into the entertainment industry, which was more than seven years ago, we were actually married already . I entered showbiz only for my dream of pursuing music, and I cherish this marriage, which is why I didn’t appear much in front of the public outside of filming and music . That’s because I needed a sense of respect and responsibility for my marriage and for my husband . ”

The place was in an uproar .

Those reporters were simply thrilled as this was definitely headlines, big headlines!

The entertainment diva, Princess Snow who was many men’s dream girl had been married for a long time, and her husband was a childhood friend of 20 years!

Having said that, Xu Cheng pulled Lin Chuxue and walked out of the airport hall .

“This gentleman, can you say something?” The reporters immediately surrounded Xu Cheng, the culprit who stole everyone’s beloved dream lover .

Xu Cheng said to a group of reporters in simple words, “I hope you can bless us, but even if you don’t, I wouldn’t care . That’s all . ”

Xu Cheng pulled Lin Chuxue away from the crowd after he finished .

He knew that many of Lin Chuxue’s fans would curse him as he was their dream lover’s husband, but he didn’t care at all .

Ye Xiu drove over in his car, and after Xu Cheng got into the car with Lin Chuxue, they left everyone’s view . Those reporters who got first-hand information hurriedly sent information to the newspaper company .

“Boss! Big news! Entertainment headlines! Princess Snow disappeared for half a year, reappeared in the capital airport with her husband . ”

For a while, Weibo and all the major headlines were all taken over by news related to Lin Chuxue!

The Trending# also reached top 1 .

Lin Chuxue married .

Who’s Lin Chuxue’s husband?

These keywords were a hot topic on the Trending# list

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