Chapter 639.2: Chapter 639.2 - Lin Chuxue’s Conclusion (Part Two)

Chapter 639: Lin Chuxue’s Conclusion (Part Two)

Lan Ting glared at Zhou Zhen . “Why are you so nervous that you hurried to explain to me? I didn’t ask you . ”

Zhou Zhen smacked his mouth . “I was afraid that you won’t agree to marry me again, it’s not easy . During this period, this woman was asking everyone if they know about you . Don’t worry, I’ll handle this matter . ”

The woman named Ai Jia looked at Zhou Zhen and questioned . “Zhou Zhen, you know that I like you and have been waiting for you, but you actually like such an old woman?”

Zhou Zhen: “I’m also old! I’m just two years older than Lan Ting, so it’s just right . ”

Ai Jia pointed at Lan Ting to try to humiliate her and said, “She’s an old woman, she doesn’t have a body as good as mine, and her face isn’t as good as mine . I’ve checked and all she has is money, do you like money? You must like money . Well, my family has money too, and my family’s money would be all yours if we get married because I’m the only daughter . ”

Zhou Zhen said, “Ai Jia, I’m telling you, I’m looking for a wife, not a lover! I want to have a wife with whom I can live without a generation gap . Also, you’re thirty now, but when you reach your forties, you may not be as good-looking as my wife . ”

Auntie Lan rolled her eyes at Zhou Zhen and she appeared to be calm as she laughed inside quietly .

Lin Chuxue laughed secretly beside them as she was worried that Zhou Zhen was only marrying her for political reasons, and that they had no emotional bond . Xu Cheng was also worried, so he asked Lin Chuxue to come over and check it out, but now she felt like these two did have something going on .

Ai Jia became pissed off with her eyes almost spitting fire . She didn’t think that her crush would look down at her as well, and she suddenly took out a toner bottle from her Hermes bag, that actually contained sulfuric acid .

She unscrewed it and threw it towards Lan Ting .

Zhou Zhen reacted quickly and jumped directly on Lan Ting to cover her, but the acid splattered on his face instead . He began rolling on the ground and gritting his teeth, crying miserably .

Lan Ting was shocked . “Zhou!”

The staff came running right over, and Lin Chuxue pushed Ai Jia back, kicking the sulfuric acid cosmetics bottle away . She immediately called 911 .

Lan Ting sobbed as she held onto Zhou Zhen and shouted, “Zhou hang in there, the paramedics will be here soon! Why did you block it for me!”

Half of Zhou Zhen’s face was so burnt that smoke was coming off from it, and he was so in pain that his whole face turned red . He gritted his teeth after seeing Lan Ting crying like that and said, “A woman’s face is more important than a man’s, it’s better I get hurt than you . ”

Lan Ting didn’t know whether to cry or laugh, so she hugged Zhou Zhen tightly and said, “I’m willing to marry you!”

Lin Chuxue held down Ai Jia who seemed to be regretting it already and said to her, “As long as you meet the right person at the right time, no matter how old you are, it’s never too late! You claim to want to win over Uncle Zhou’s heart, but what else do you have besides your body and face? The most important foundation of a relationship is your heart . I used to think that with my appearance and figure, every man in the world is obligated to treat me as a treasure, but then I was constantly hurt by them . In fact, no matter how beautiful the woman is, there’s a period to that, because after her youth, the only thing you can use to win over a man is with your heart . Do not think that you are the one playing them, because in the end, you’ll end up with nothing if you don’t treat them with your heart!”

This was Lin Chuxue’s conclusion of her and Xu Cheng’s relationship . Therefore, she loved Xu Cheng with all her heart and strength!

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