Chapter 642.2: Chapter 642.2 - In Addition to Acting, You Need to Improve Your Manners (Part Two)

Chapter 642: In Addition to Acting, You Need to Improve Your Manners (Part Two)

Xu Cheng raised his eyebrows and looked at Zhao Na coldly .

Lin Chuxue did not want to make things worse, nor did she want Xu Cheng to be angry, so she smiled and said to the bitterly smiling manager, “Take it to her . ”

The manager gratefully bowed to Lin Chuxue and said, “Thank you, Miss Lin . ”

Meanwhile, Zhao Na’s agent saw the impatience and danger signals coming from Xu Cheng who was beside Lin Chuxue, and she quickly touched Zhao Na’s shoulder and said, “That’s enough . ”

“Enough what? I’m telling her today that I’ve taken over this place, so now this is my place!” Zhao Na snorted .

When Lin Chuxue took a dress to go to the dressing room, Zhao Na simply stood up and came over this way .

She crossed her arms and smiled as she looked at Lin Chuxue . “I heard that you’re not the spokesperson for this company anymore, so why did you come here to buy their clothes? How about this, which one do you like? Since I’m the spokesperson, I’ll be able to give you a few pieces for free . You can see which one you like . ”

Having said that, she deliberately took something that almost looked like a bikini and handed it to Lin Chuxue . “How about this one? I think this one suits you pretty well, why don’t I give you this one?”

Lin Chuxue looked at it and suddenly smiled as she looked at Zhao Na . “Thank you for your kindness, but I don’t need it . ”

Zhao Na: “In that case, you might as well not buy anything . I’ll be honest with you, I like all the new products here!”

As soon as the words dropped, the smell of gunpowder in the room rose to the peak .

The other models as well as other artists were all looking this way . They knew that the Four Flowers had always been in a bad relationship, but they were not expecting to see this scene today, and all of them were particularly gossipy .

The manager looked towards Zhao Na and couldn’t help but speak up . “Miss Zhao . ”

She glared at Zhao Na and shook her head, signaling Zhao Na to not exasperate this mess any further .

“What?” Zhao Na raised an eyebrow at the manager . “Are you trying to tell me that I can’t pick any of the clothes here yet? So what else am I endorsing? Maybe it’s better that you find someone else . ”

The store manager’s face changed drastically because if she had offended Zhao Na and lost her as the spokesperson, then she would have to pack up her stuff and leave . So, she couldn’t answer or say anything further .

“Nana, stop it . ” The agent rushed over to stop Zhao Na from continuing to be so capricious .

Zhao Na was unmoved, as she still had her eyes on Lin Chuxue . The two of them, whether it was on-screen or off-stage with the fans, had always been rivals .

No matter how good-tempered Lin Chuxue was, she also felt that this woman was a little too much . If she didn’t fight back then it wouldn’t be her character, so she looked at Zhao Na and said indifferently, “Zhao Na, if I am who I was, maybe I wouldn’t have given this endorsement opportunity to you at all, so much so that you wouldn’t even have the chance to directly confront me at all . Don’t take yourself too seriously . “

Zhao Na: “Of course, since you’re out of the circle and out of popularity now . ”

Lin Chuxue laughed out loud . “Yes, I’m out . But I don’t care at all, maybe it’s the difference between us in levels . I can come here without endorsement to pick out clothes I want, but for you, you’re jumping the fence because of a retired actress . I think that besides the acting skills, your manners are also in need of improvement . ”

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