Chapter 647.2: Chapter 647.2 - Mandala’s Next R&D Plan (Part Two)

Chapter 647: Mandala’s Next R&D Plan (Part Two)

Xu Cheng: “You’re wrong, the ultimate drug can directly kill all cancer cells in addition to repairing all of one’s internal organs to rejuvenate their bodies . When Hawking was able to stand up, it was enough to show that the effect of the ultimate drug was not simply curing cancer, but to have a comprehensive effect on the whole body . For the rich people who have enough money, they wouldn’t want to go through 50 chemotherapy sessions . No one feels good when they are ill . The other thing I need to remind you is that I am not going to sell this ultimate drug to people who are sick, but to potential buyers who have extra money to spend . The ultimate drug won’t be the main drug from the Mandala Lab, the auction was just to make a reputation for the Mandala Lab . Who in the medical field doesn’t know about us right now? We wanted this reputation, it’s already an advertisement for our future . Think about it, if we can even overcome cancer cells, then whatever products we launch in the future, people will buy into it without a doubt . ”

Lin Chuxue suddenly jumped onto Xu Cheng, with both her hands pinching Xu Cheng’s cheeks . “I must check that you’re not an imposter or not; my Xu Cheng can’t be this powerful and smart . ”

Xu Cheng laughed out loud . “Someone’s still here . ”

Stenson immediately looked away to other places . “I didn’t see anything, I’m a professional . ”

Lin Chuxue looked at Xu Cheng with a serious expression and asked . “Do you really want to leave all the money for me to take care of?”

“Why not?” Xu Cheng looked affirmative . “Why did I earn so much money? I can’t spend it all myself; it’s all for you, do you not want it?”

“Yes!” Lin Chuxue then immediately became worried again and said, “But will the Mandala Lab go smoothly?”

“No . ” Xu Cheng smiled . “What you thought of others have also thought of it, the introduction of the Ultimate drug has already attracted the attention of other large and small venture capital firms, it’s good that it’s just an empty shell, and the legal representative is registered under some random person who doesn’t even exist . ”

Lin Chuxue: “So Stenson, won’t there be other people after you?”

“Of course there is . ” Stenson smiled bitterly . “The FBI is watching me every day, they want to know if I have a relationship with the legal representative of Mandala Labs or not . I’m just a legal consultant and I’m not involved in management on the surface, so they have no evidence . Also the Mandala Lab had previously obtained all the medical credentials from Koman, so there is no violation of the law, and they have no way to check that . I’m in charge of a huge amount of money, just two casinos and the relationship with the Four Gangs are enough for them to not be able to keep an eye on me too closely . The FBI would need to weigh the consequences if they want to do something to me, Boss had paved this way in the first place or else I would be dragged to the interrogation room every day . ”

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