Chapter 648.2: Chapter 648.2 - An Opportunity to Break into the Mainstream (Part Two)

Chapter 648: An Opportunity to Break into the Mainstream (Part Two)

In fact, in the M Nation, it was not strange at all for those with fame and money to join some organization . It was popular and not a secret for someone to join a so-and-so club while in university, which would pave their future path .

With Xu Cheng’s power over the important industry and the capital of Las Vegas, it would be strange if the two major forces didn’t approach him .

Xu Cheng looked at Stenson with great intention, “Do you think that joining the Socialist Party would be fun?”

Stenson laughed bitterly . “Boss, as an authentic M Nation citizen, I think you’re being too risky . The people behind the Socialist party are too inexperienced, the best one of them don’t even have as much money as you do .   They were very stingy on the elections, and that’s why it’s always the two most popular parties stepping up every year, while the other parties just come out for show . Even if they don’t get elected, as long as they come out to get some attention from the public, they could go to major universities next year to get more college talents to join in and grow . I don’t know about the future, but right now it’s just too weak . ”

Xu Cheng nodded and thought for a moment . “Then go contact Senator Jerry and tell him that I support his Socialist party . ”

“Huh?” Stenson thought he hadn’t heard any wrong and smiled bitterly .

“Just do as I say, is there any difficulty here?” Xu Cheng looked at Stenson and asked .

The capital whirlpool was not fun to get involved in, it required a lot of courage and political determination .

Stenson smiled . “I want to try . Since I began following you, I’ve met a lot of strange people from all sorts of places . The things I’ve encountered this half year have made some changes in my mind . Boss, you asked me before that if I wanted to get onto your bandit ship, and now I want to do something for you this time . I’ll settle Senator Jerry so that even if there is a problem in the future, it will not involve you . “

“Good . ” Xu Cheng said, “Go ahead and do whatever you want, I will always have a seat for you on this ship . ”

Stenson was slightly pleased . “Then I’ll go to work . I’m now blindly choosing to believe in your Boss, you’re definitely not wrong . ”

“No . ” Xu Cheng said, “I also don’t like this group of socialists, but how things work depends on people, and we should do something about it . Perhaps, this is an opportunity for us to enter into another stream, we are currently lacking such an opportunity . ”

The Deviant Corp needed such an opportunity to break into those political parties, and since no one was optimistic about the Socialists, then maybe they should start from there .

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