Chapter 650.2: Chapter 650.2 - Why Do I Feel Like This Is a Pyramid Scheme (Part Two)

Chapter 650: Why Do I Feel Like This Is a Pyramid Scheme (Part Two)

“Calling him a conqueror is sort of insulting him,” Benjamin said, “You’ll see his greatness later!”

He turned and continued, “Angels don’t represent kindness and peace, that’s what doves symbolize . Our vision is: adjudication!”

“Adjudication?” Stenson was a bit confused . “I don’t quite understand . ”

“It literally means judgement and decision, a very simple concept . The Angels have seven upper levels, and five lower levels . The lower five belongs to what you call the Angels of Peace, with the highest level being five . The upper seven are called Devil’s Angels, with a total of seven levels which makes up twelve heavenly wings in total!”

Stenson: “How do you decide who gets to become an Angel of Peace or a Devil’s Angel?”

Benjamin: “It’s differentiated based on influence . If the President of the M Nation was to join now, his position would be a 10-Winged Devil’s Angel, because his decisions can start wars and cause deaths . The ones with that much power are directly included into the Devil’s Angels, which are the upper 7 levels . You’re just a weak scholar, so you can only be ranked in the 5th level as an Angel of Peace . ”

Stenson didn’t argue . “You mean, rich people who do business can only be members of the lower five levels?”

“Not necessarily, for example if we were talking about Bill Gates, he has a huge influence, and he is also a wealthy businessman, so he can be a member of the Level 7 Devil’s Angel Council . ” Benjamin said, “So everything is decided in terms of power and influence, it’s not just tampering with the levels . ”

“Right . ” Stenson thought of something and asked, “What about the resources you said, what resources do our organization have? I remember other financial groups often offer financial support and resources after settling down with a project, and they build mutual economic benefits . So what about us?”

“We have the ability to defend ourselves . ” Benjamin said, “Remember, we may not have any financial support for you, but we have the ability to save your life . We understand what you’re saying about the economic interests of these financial groups, but there are only everlasting interests in this world and not everlasting friends . You think we’re very small in power right now, but there’s one thing you need to seriously consider, and that’s no member of these financial groups has the certainty to say their life is in their hands! So, what we, the Deviant Corp, offer is to solve their greatest concerns! For any financial group, as long as the interests reach a certain level, they will be at risk or even encounter dangers and assassination attempts . This is not surprising if you look at historical cases . The battle between different financial groups is also common and unpredictable . But one day, the appearance of us, the Deviant Corp, can both save your life and keep you safe . Who do you think will refuse to join the Deviant Corp then?”

Stenson got excited . “You mean, the Deviant Corp has their own armed army? We have our own army?”

“There is . ” Benjamin coughed with some embarrassment on his face . “There are only 10 people as of now . ”

Stenson, who was excited at first, immediately looked like he had been fed a fly in his mouth . He had a look saying ‘Are you f*cking kidding me?’ on his face as he stared speechlessly at Benjamin .

He wanted to die .

The slogan was powerful, and the brainwashing was next level, who wouldn’t be excited and thrilled to hear what Benjamin just said?

And the result?

“Sir, what do I call you?” Stenson looked at Benjamin and asked .

“Call me Ambassador, I will be in charge of the admission and registration of members . ”

Stenson held in his words for a while before he finally asked, “Tell me honestly, is the Deviant Corp a pyramid scheme organization?”

Benjamin choked hard on his cigarette .

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