Chapter 651.2: Chapter 651.2 - Lin Chuxue Got Humiliated (Part Two)

Chapter 651: Lin Chuxue Got Humiliated (Part Two)

Lin Chuxue’s brows furrowed as she hadn’t gone to meet those five seniors inside yet, mainly because she wanted to wait for Xu Cheng to bring her in to be more formal . She was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to hold the scene, so she was waiting for Xu Cheng to come, which led many people to think that she wasn’t a guest, but just an actress .

One guy was a little more perky as he said, “I heard that you never have scandals, you should still be single, right? What do you think? Are you looking for the right person? How about you be with me?”

Lin Chuxue’s expression immediately went cold . “Are you from Mars? Haven’t you seen the newspapers lately? I have a husband!”

“Woah . ” The young man became irritated from her words . “This actress has a temper, huh? Do you know the nature of the wedding that you are attending today? You think it’s one of those occasions where the bosses pay you to be a big shot and sing a few songs? Do you know who I am? Look at all of us, and if you don’t know, you have to get your so-called husband to come over . What’s so special about having a husband?”

“You scum!” Lin Chuxue gritted her teeth as she spat out the words at these five people . She didn’t bother to care about them as she prepared to walk outside to wait .

However, the five people were furious and they pulled Lin Chuxue’s arm back . “Did I say you could leave? You really think you’re the queen of the day, don’t you? I just want to get to know you and exchange some numbers . Why are you so petty? Huh? It’s not that I haven’t seen any other women in the entertainment industry, I’ve played with more than I can count . Pretending to be reserved is enough, know your place! “

Someone said impatiently, “Let’s see you call me ‘Big Brother Huan’?”

“Let go!”  Lin Chuxue shook off their hand and snapped at the five of them in a cold tone . “I’m not here to sing, I’m a guest here today . ”

“Who doesn’t know Lin Chuxue? If you’re not here to sing, then why are you here? I know your kind of people always attend luxurious dinners to climb to the top, and now you’re here today . Everyone knows that the wedding planners invited all the rich and powerful, do you think we don’t know about what your thoughts are?  Since your intentions are clear, I can also give you a direct promise . Follow me and I promise you’ll be even more popular than you are now and no one will dare to bully you like today . ”

“I’m warning you for the last time, don’t pester me or there will be trouble!” Lin Chuxue said coldly, completely shrugging off the gang and heading to the main intersection in her high heels .

“What trouble can there be? Are you going to have your old boss come after me, or that ‘husband’ of yours in the news?” The guy who called himself Big Brother Huan thought about it and curiously asked his other four friends, “Do any of you know who her husband is?”

“Who cares who he is, could he be someone from Yanjing? Who would it be if they didn’t give you face, Big Brother Huan? The woman doesn’t know what she’s doing . ”

“Then what do we do?”

“How hard can it be for us to deal with a woman?” A few of them then caught up to Lin Chuxue with an uncomfortable laughter as they did not plan to let her off so easily . This was outside the hotel, and they were somewhat emboldened .

Xu Cheng sat in Ye Xiu’s Land Rover as they drove to the entrance of the hotel when he saw five men pulling on Lin Chuxue’s arm, and his face turned gloomy immediately . He kicked the car door, knocking it flying off of its hinges, and rushed down .

Ye Xiu: “My car ……”

Zhou Xiaoming: “What car, huh? Can’t you see that your sister-in-law is being harrassed? Get out of the car . Old rules, go and teach them how to behave!”

Zhou Xiaoming also wanted to follow Xu Cheng’s example and tried to kick the car door, but his foot hurt so much that he grimaced as a result, and in the end he could only gently open the door and rush out .

Only then did Ye Xiu see Lin Chuxue in a dress with five people surrounding her . He cursed on the spot, “Damn, treating my sister-in-law like this in my territory! These guys are sure tired of living!

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