Chapter 652.2: Chapter 652.2 - The Zhou Family Doing Justice (Part Two)

Chapter 652: The Zhou Family Doing Justice (Part Two)

The bride’s car had yet to arrive, and Old Master Ye and the others also have not yet arrived . Instead, only the Zhou Family and the groom had been waiting here in the hotel for a long time . Today, they were the hosts of the event, since this was the venue of the Zhou Family’s wedding ceremony .

Zhou Zhen was dressed in a robe similar to the Zhongshan suit style, which was considered the groom’s official clothes . He came over with a group of his friends and best men behind him .

“What’s wrong?” He came down the stairs after skimming the crowd and seeing Xu Cheng twisting Huan’s wrist, which looked like it was deformed and presumably broken already .

“Uncle Zhou, I want you to give me an explanation as to why my wife was wandering around here by herself with no one to accompany her? Why was she being harassed and taken advantage of by this bunch of vulgar people? Today, the Zhou Family is the host, and I was afraid that my aunt, that is, your wife, had no relatives, so my wife came over to accompany her .   That’s how you arranged things? I’m telling you, all five of these guys were about to mess with my wife just now if I didn’t make it here in time . Could you f*cking put up with that if it was your wife?”

Zhou Zhen’s body shook .

His entire face was gloomy . “Old Zeng, what do you say to this?”

Zeng Jiang: “There must be some kind of misunderstanding here . If I remember correctly, isn’t she Lin Chuxue? You know how the boys get excited when they see a celebrity, so I think this gentleman has misunderstood, right? However, you’ve done this to my son, and I’m telling you, don’t try to leave because I’m not going to let that go easily . ”

“Then how would you let go?” Zhou Zhen said in a gloomy voice to Zeng Jiang as he walked to the opposite side of the room and said to Zeng Jiang directly, “However you want to settle this matter today, I, Zhou Zhen, will make it clear that I will accompany you to the end! The Zhou Family will see how you want to proceed!”

“Zhou Zhen …” Zeng Jiang was shocked since he didn’t think that Zhou Zhen would be so irrational and dare to tear their relationship apart for an outsider .

“I’ll have Elder Zhou come out and get a fair opinion,” Zeng Jiang snorted .

Just as he said that, Old Master Zhou had walked over with Zhou Xiaoming’s assistance .

As the old man walked, he said, “This Lin Chuxue you are talking about has other identities besides being an entertainer . She is the niece of my soon-to-be daughter-in-law, Lan Ting, and she is also my grandson Xu Cheng’s wife . So technically speaking, she is my granddaughter-in-law . Xu Cheng is also Elder Ye’s grandson, and not only that, Elder Guo, Xing, and Nie all approve of this grandson . Who your son has harassed today was not the entertainer Lin Chuxue, but the Zhou, Ye, Nie, Xing, and Guo Families’ grand-daughter-in-law!”

Zeng Jiang’s face became more and more pale as he heard Elder Zhou speak, and his legs trembled vigorously .

The old man walked over to Lin Chuxue, took out one of his treasured jade pendants, and handed it to Lin Chuxue . “This is a greeting gift for my grandson’s wife, take it . ”

Lin Chuxue couldn’t say no at the scene, so she accepted it .

The old man then turned his head back to Zeng Jiang . “Didn’t you want me to do justice? That’s good . Based on the faces, since your son has done something wrong, and you wanted to stand up for him to take the consequences, then I’ll let you .   “

Zeng Jiang’s legs wobbled and he couldn’t help but fall down on his knees .

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