Chapter 655.2: Chapter 655.2 - Xu Cheng’s Intentions (Part Two)

Chapter 655: Xu Cheng’s Intentions (Part Two)

Meanwhile, four middle-aged people walked over laughing as they interrupted . “Hey hey hey, young masters, I’m really sorry . Young Master Zhou and Young Master Xu, the unpleasantness from today was all because of my son’s recklessness . I’m here as a father to apologize for him . I’m going to punish myself with three cups, and I hope that you, Young Master Xu, could forgive them . ”

“Yes, Young Master Xu, our sons really did not know that Miss Lin is your wife . There must be a misunderstanding . Of course, it is all our fault . I hope you can forgive us . ”

Xu Cheng didn’t know these four people .

Ye Xiu whispered in his ear, “They are Zeng Huan’s sidekicks’ fathers . They probably already learned about their sons taking advantage of your wife, so they came over to apologize . ”

Xu Cheng nodded silently and saw that all four middle-aged men had finished three cups, and so he said, “Alright, I will give Grandpa Zhou face . Today is still my aunt’s wedding, and it should be a joyous day, so let’s not talk about these things now . ”

“Young Master Xu’s right . Then we’ll excuse ourselves, please enjoy your meal . ” The four middle-aged men smiled along before leaving the table .

Xu Cheng saw that the wedding was almost at the end, and once he saw that the bride and groom got off the stage, he said to Lin Chuxue, “The bride and groom are going to make a toast, go over quickly and represent our families . ”

Lin Chuxue nodded and said to the table of people in a polite manner, “I have to go accompany Aunt Lan to toast on behalf of the family . Enjoy your food and drinks . . ”

Ye Xiu and the others nodded . “Sister-in-law, you go . We won’t get Big Brother Cheng drunk . ”

Xu Cheng snorted . “That’s only if you guys are capable of getting me drunk!”

Lin Chuxue smiled slightly as she lifted her dress and walked over towards Lan Ting’s side .

When Lan Ting saw her come over, she smiled . “You can just follow me, you don’t need to drink the wine for me . I can drink better than you . If you drink too much, then Young Master will be worried about you again . ”

Lin Chuxue snorted . “Then why would I represent your family?  A toast is definitely a toast . ”

Elder Ye pat on Lin Chuxue’s arm and laughed . “Did you really think that you were asked to make a toast? All you need to do is follow me around, let them know you’re family, and make sure they recognize you next time, silly girl . ”

Lan Ting also smiled . “Young Master asked you to come over, right?”

Lin Chuxue nodded slightly .

“He’s still as thoughtful as ever . ” Ye Pei’s wife laughed .

Lin Chuxue finally understood as she subconsciously turned her head to look at Xu Cheng, who was over there at the table laughing with a few of his bros, and she felt touched by the scene .

Elder Ye: “It’s unfortunate that he doesn’t want to get involved with politics, he always had a good sense of what a big picture looked like . His master Zhang Chenfeng truly did have good eyes, finding himself a qualified heir . To be honest, this time I thought he wouldn’t dare to bring you over, but he really dared to bring you, completely disrupting Elder Xing’s plan, hahaha . ”

Having said that, he looked at Lin Chuxue and reminded her with a smile, “Later on, I’m guessing that Old Xing’s daughter will come find you based on her personality . She’s not as simple as she seems, so be careful . ”

Lin Chuxue was stunned, but didn’t take it to heart . She was confident that she could match any woman!

What Xu Cheng wanted today was for Lin Chuxue to be known by these people on the scene, and ideally to be able to break into this circle . Master Ye personally toasted those guests on behalf of his family, and as long as Lin Chuxue followed him, it would already show a kind of recognition and identity in the family .

For the wedding of the Ye and Zhou Families, to be able to represent the Ye’s family’s side to make a toast would be enough to show that Lin Chuxue’s status in the two families was not at the level of any artist in the entertainment industry .

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