Chapter 659.1: Chapter 659.1 - Construction of the Mandala Factory (Part One)

Chapter 659: Construction of the Mandala Factory (Part One)

Lin Hu wanted to set an example for Lin Dong, so after he took over the family’s funds, he planned to start a business again and make it big . By then, he could get his brother to join him . In fact, after Lin Dong went with Xu Cheng, he was somewhat looking forward to him coming back defeated so he could make fun of him .

How could Lin Dong not know his brother’s prejudiced thoughts? He just didn’t care and laughed it off .

That was when his phone rang .

Lin Dong looked at his phone, and recognized that it was Ye Xiu’s number, which he had memorized before, so he picked up . “Hello, Uncle Ye . ”

“You’ve arrived home to see your parents, right?”

“Yes, I have . ” Lin Dong smiled .

“Well then, come over to the biggest business club in the city center and I’ll introduce you to a few people . ”

“Okay, sorry to trouble you, Uncle Ye . ”

Ye Xiu: “What trouble, this is something that Big Brother Cheng has arranged and we also have the shares . If I don’t do it myself then it doesn’t feel right to take the dividends . Hurry over . ”

“Okay, I’ll come over now,” said Lin Dong as he hung up the phone .

“Mom, Dad, and Brother, my master’s brother came to S City and I have to go meet him for something urgent . I have to leave now and I’ll probably return in the evening depending on the situation . ” Lin Dong wiped his mouth and stood up as he got ready to leave .

“You kid, you just came home and before the seat has even warmed up yet, you’re going out again . ” His mother rolled her eyes at him .

Lin Dong smiled and turned around to kiss his mother on the cheek . “Mom you’re the best . ”

Only then did his mother smile like a flower and let go of Lin Dong .

“I’ll drop you off since you sold your old car already,” said Lin Hu .

Lin Dong nodded . They walked out and got into Lin Hu’s car .

That was when Lin Hu’s phone rang .

When he saw the number, he quickly picked up and said in an amiable tone, “Hello Bureau Director Liu, this is Lin Hu . Yes, what’s the matter? It can’t get approval? Why? They have to check all kinds of credentials? Please . It’s been two months already . Are you free? I’d like to have coffee with you and talk about this investment . So when would you be free? Hello? Hello?”

Lin Hu was a little depressed when he heard the disconnect tone from his phone .

Lin Dong looked at him and asked, “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, not a big deal . I’ll drop you off first and deal with it later . ” Lin Hu drove the car as he said to Lin Dong, “If your master’s not giving you any shares, then you might as well come home sooner or later . We can do business together . ”

“Forget it . You’re the eldest son, so it’s only right for you to inherit the family business, I’d better find another job somewhere else,” said Lin Dong .

Lin Hu dropped him off at the top CEO business club in the city center according to the address Lin Dong gave . He knew the average cost of this club, so he took out a card from his bag and handed it to Lin Dong . “There’s 200K in the card, so you don’t embarrass yourself when you go in there . Take it . ”

“Brother, it’s okay . I have a start-up fund from my master here . ” Lin Dong returned the card and waved his hand at Lin Hu . “Go home, I’ll take a taxi when I’m done . ”

Lin Hu didn’t push it further as he turned around and went to the city’s industrial and commercial bureau .

He went straight to the office of the person in charge of the High-Tech Development Zone project . He saw that Bureau Director Liu wasn’t there, so he asked the assistant .

“Hey, do you know where Bureau Director Liu is? I have something very urgent, I need to invest in a project and I want to talk to him . ”

The assistant shook his head .

Lin Hu took out a gas card with a thousand-dollar limit from his wallet and placed it in front of his desk . “Please . ”

The assistant looked up and said, “Bureau Director Liu went to discuss other investment projects . ”

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