Chapter 666.2: 666.2

Chapter 666: I Do (Part Two)

“Stenson, go back and acquire a bank . ” Xu Cheng looked towards Stenson .

Stenson nodded, “Boss, is there any plan to organize a financial management team? Of course, this is my opinion, because now with your huge funds, there are even more things that need to be done . I am afraid that I will be too busy to do it all by myself . ”

Xu Cheng nodded . “True, then you are responsible for doing this . But Stenson you listen first, I don’t care how you organize it, but if my funds are tampered with, I will only look for you! You’ll take care of the teams, and I won’t interfere if any of them don’t do a good job, but you’ll have to talk directly to me . ”

Stenson nodded . “I understand . I will go and recruit the most professional team to serve you, Boss . ”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t want them to take over the other businesses as well, I need it to be an one-on-one independent service . ”

Stenson: “I understand . ”

Xu Cheng: “Alright,  you guys should discuss the acquisition of a bank together . ”

To be able to penetrate directly to the core level of the M Nation, acquisition of a bank with many clients would allow them to have more control over those funds . But more than that, Xu Cheng needed his own funds to not be all in the Swiss National bank . The security of that bank was to be reviewed, and since the CIA was able to find Stenson from that account, it was evidence that their so-called privacy was only to fool average citizens, and Xu Cheng did not want to deposit his money in someone else’s bank .

“Then I’ll go and get this task done first,” Stenson said .

Xu Cheng nodded his head .

Once Stenson left, Chekhov smiled and said, “Big Brother Cheng, where did you find this lawyer? He feels very nosy . ”

“He’s been nosy because he thinks we have some mysterious organization behind us again, and he thinks that with my assets, I’m some kind of unearthly billionaire like the mysterious Rothschild . ”

“So could he be part of the core members?” Mario asked .

Xu Cheng answered . “Let’s wait until he’s completely on board . Right now he’s still on the edge, and once he gets in touch with the Socialist party on my behalf, that’s when he’ll be in the same boat as us . “

“By the way, how are things back home?” Xu Cheng asked the two of them .

“Everything is going well . The current project has not been affected by the war and the progress is fast . The Continental Mercenary Corps, with the cooperation of both Vala and Diesel in terms of the assassination, have fully absorbed the four mercenary clans’ territories . Currently, they are occupying three fifths of the Land of Mercenaries!”

“I remember they originally had two-fifths of the land, didn’t they? With the four mercenary corps’ territories, it should be four-fifths?” Xu Cheng pinched his brows .

“It is indeed four out of five, but at the same time as the four mercenary corps were destroyed, some independent military forces lurking in the Land of Mercenaries from various countries fully emerged to seize the resources and occupy the mountains . This time they were strong, and their weaponry and equipment were very powerful . I could tell that their intelligence has prepared a long time for this, to prevent the Continental Mercenary Corps from becoming big enough to form a government,” Mario answered .

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes . “Then why don’t we fight?”

Mario: “We’re here to report this to your first because soldiers from various allied countries are involved . For example, thd M Nation’s Blackwater company, they are a first-class retired special forces team . Boss, we are waiting for your decision to fight this war or not . ”

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