Chapter 667.2: 667.2

Chapter 667: Caesar Exposed (Part Two)

Stenson: “Didn’t we have a deal? Our Boss will be a member of the socialists from now on if you will shelter the Mandala Lab . ”

The other delegates: “Who is your Boss?”

Stenson shook his finger . “You have no right to know that, and if you have a problem with it, our Boss can choose not to join the socialists . ”

“No need . ” Senator Jerry said, “It’s settled . We socialist party will shelter the Mandala Lab in the states that we have significant influence in . But what resources could your boss give us to share with the socialists?”

Stenson: “We’ll get more people to join the socialist party . ”

Jerry: “Which people?”

Stenson: “It’s unsure right now, but in the future, the Socialists party can expand its network through our Boss’s connections . Being that successful in business, my boss obviously has a lot of connections . And if the Socialist Party wants to expand, then you really need an influential individual to give those connections . Or else, you wouldn’t even have any chance or rights to speak during the election . Then where are those votes going to come from?”

In fact, Stenson didn’t even know who the Boss knew, that was why he was trying to ask Mario to get some background info, so he could bullsh*t with a solid idea . However, he wasn’t able to get any relevant information, and all he could right now was to put his big words down trying to make him believe .

But he was right because later on, the socialist party did grow under the support of Xu Cheng, and as the members of the Deviant Corp gradually grew bigger, so did the socialist party .

Senator Jerry and the other members looked at each other for a while as they smoked their cigars and remained silent, trying to analyze the pros and cons in detail .

They were aware of how Mandala had been under the radar by many competitors, and to shelter them would make them a lot of capitalist enemies . That was not advantageous for them, but they’ve also made a lot of enemies already when forming the Socialist Party, so they did not care that much .

What they really cared about most was the influence a multi-billionaire could bring to the community .

Just like what Stenson said, rich people were all similar to each other in some way . If everyone around him were to join the Socialist Party, then it would be a big step for them . All this time, they had been stuck between two parties with the biggest sponsors, it was not easy to find a multi-billionaire sponsor that hadn’t been taken yet . It was so hard to find someone like this, that they would even take some risk for Xu Cheng to stay with the Socialist Party .

“Well then, we hope we are in good business . ” Jerry suddenly broke the silence and stood up to shake hands with Stenson . “Mandala can come to our state to establish a registered trademark and we’ll escort you all the way through . ”

“Thank you . ” Stenson shook his hand . “Our boss is planning to sponsor five hundred million on your election this time . ”

“That’s great . ” Senator Jerry was missing the funds for his election campaign, and now he didn’t have to worry about that expense .

– Meanwhile in Huaxia –

Lin Dong received an urgent phone call .

“Hey Caesar, what information have you got?”

Caesar: “More than you can imagine . We have made a backup copy of all the contents we’ve hacked from the intelligence systems around the world and created a whole new intelligence system on a cloud drive . Right now, all the intelligence networks in the developed countries are within that back up, but we have been exposed as well as a price . All the information has been stored on the cloud drive and now we need to run away . ”

Lin Dong quickly said, “Send me your coordinates and wait for our people to come and get you guys . ”

Caesar: “Okay . ”

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