Chapter 668.2: 668.2

Chapter 668: Maybe Things Won’t Turn Out Too Hopeless (Part Two)

As soon as they were out, they saw others going down the stairs to cooperate with the police investigation .

After Caesar noticed a detail, he took only his ID and passport out of his bags of clothes and quickly threw his bags of clothes into the trash .

“What are you doing, Master?” Richie was puzzled .

“Don’t you see that these people who aren’t hiding anything don’t carry any luggage? We look like we are running away, it’s too obvious . We were almost screwed,” Caesar said .

Richie suddenly realized and quickly followed his master’s lead and did as he was told .

They walked down the stairs and the armed cop there asked them to show their IDs .

The two cooperated and took out their fake IDs!

That was right, fake IDs .

Their previous identities were already processed as dead men .

Richie’s death was because of cancer, and as for Caesar who had no hands before, this time his new identity was no longer a disabled person . Both of their identities were M Nation immigrants from foreign countries and that helped them from being detected as hackers . Because their new identities now belonged to general employees, there were no hacking records in their profiles .

After the policeman had checked the IDs, they then said, “Show me your palms . ”

Caesar and Richie hesitated for a moment and put their hands out .

The three officers took a good look at their hands and noticed the calluses on their fingers, so they gave each other a look and said to the two of them, “Which unit do you live in?”

Caesar and Richie were both silent; if they said it, then they would be even more suspicious when they found out the door locks were broken . The two hackers who had always disguised themselves online didn’t know how to do the same in reality, and they were stunned not knowing what to do next .

“Then it’s you two, take them away!”

The three officers shouted .

Three guns were already pointing at their waists, and Caesar and Richie knew that they were exposed .

“Chief, we’ve caught the targets . ”

The head officer who was checking the units one by one quickly asked, “Is it a team or an individual? Ask them how many people are in their team, and don’t miss a single one!”

“How many more of you are there, speak up!” The three officers pointed the guns to Caesar and Richie’s heads as they interrogated them .

“We don’t know what you’re talking about,” said Caesar, pretending to be calm . “I can file a complaint if you’re pointing guns at citizens like this . ”

That was when the head officer rushed up with a couple of more cops .

He saw Caesar and Richie first, then took a look at their IDs, which had no previous records of hacking based on the information coming back from the headquarters .

He asked the landlord of this apartment directly where Caesar’s unit was and headed there .

The door was locked from the inside .

The keyhole was broken, and it couldn’t be unlocked .

“Okay, no need to ask and no need to look further, it’s these two . Immediately kick open this door and check their computers to see if there is any information they stole and if there’s any backup . Remember to bring the computers back together as evidence to convict these two . ”

“Yes Sir!”

Caesar and Richie were taken away .

“We had a new beginning and are now going to hell again . If I knew I couldn’t escape tonight, I might as well do a big job and expose all the information . ” Richie grinned .

Caesar, however, still had a bit of hope in him . “Maybe things won’t turn out to be too hopeless?”

The police officer in charge of detaining them sneered . “When you’re sent to a prison in Sin City, you’ll be despair and will regret what you’ve done . ”

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