Chapter 669.2: Chapter 669.2 - Clash (Part Two)

Chapter 669: Clash (Part Two)

Caesar: “But I’ve already done it . It’s not like if I hand over the intelligence I would be able to live . ”

Caesar leaned over as he said to the officer face-to-face in a low voice, “A few years ago, the M Nation did not give me the justice I deserved, and I lost both of my hands . Where were you then?  Now that I’ve made a comeback in such a way, I don’t regret it! Kill me or torture me, I don’t care!”

The officer swallowed his spittle as he felt like he had angered Caesar to a point that he didn’t care anymore . That was not what they wanted, and they had to get the intelligence back .

“If you hand over the information and confess who’s behind you, you can atone for your crime by this meritorious act” The officer leaned back into his chair and calmed down slowly .

“No, you don’t have that authority!” Caesar said, “The president can’t even save anyone who threatens the M Nation, and you even less . ”

The officer narrowed his eyes . “So you’re bent on committing this crime?”

He then immediately looked at Richie trying to make a breakthrough with him . “What about you? Are you choosing the bullet like him? If you confess and cooperate, we can put all the blame on this man alone, and you may be freed!”

Caesar’s expression changed slightly .

He knew that Richie had a hard time curing his cancer, and he would regret it if he died just like this .

What Caesar had thought was exactly what Richie thought, he had survived the cancer and he was going to enjoy his life, but now that death came close again, he was a little afraid .

The promise of freedom was too intriguing .

The officer saw the struggle in Richie’s eyes as he squinted his eyes with an unnoticeable smile on his face .

“That is something I could do . I’m in charge of the arrests tonight, and I have the authority to change the file records . If I said that we’ve only caught one person, then it won’t be two . All you have to do is tell me where you kept all the information you’ve stolen, and you’ll be able to get away from here . ”

Richie struggled for a while and he suddenly looked up at the officer . “When I committed the crime, I knew that there was no turning back . I’m not stupid, in order to avoid information from leaking out because you don’t know how much I have seen or remembered during the process, you will definitely not keep me alive! So, kill me or torture me, just bring it on . ”

Meanwhile, three blocks away, a Land Rover SUV was soaring down the streets coming this way .

Mario saw that there were already police standing outside of the apartment building, and he suddenly sat up full of energy .

“They’re closing up, so I guess they’ve got the guys . What do you think we should do?” Chekhov asked .

Mario put on his nighttime bulletproof suit and put on the special metallic boxing gloves that Xu Cheng liked to use before .

“Let’s go . You’re in charge of driving and I’ll bring them out,” said Mario in a low voice .

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