Chapter 670.2: 670.2

Chapter 670: Tragic Scene (Part Two)

Having said that, he got out the window with almost his whole body on the front of the car and his feet reaching for the road ahead . When the vehicle was about to run over the spike strips, Mario’s feet touched the spikes first, and dragged with his feet kicking it away to avoid their wheels from crushing onto it .

Mario then crawled back into the car .

The whole maneuver was done as the car drove at two hundred horsepower, which was hard to do without any experience .

The chief commander who was watching them through the surveillance cameras narrowed his eyes .

“They are a group of tricky criminals and their next stop is East Main Street . Get ready to intercept . They’ve caused a lot of public disturbance along the way, so shoot them on sight at any cost!”

“Yes Sir!”

There were about ten police cars directly parked across the intersection on East Main Street, and every one of the officers there pulled out their guns and pointed them at the Land Rover that was coming at them from not far away .

Chekhov saw from a distance that the intersection ahead was blocked with all the police lights flashing .

“What now, big guy?” Chekhov asked Mario .

“I don’t know but I’m not afraid anyways . If anything, we will fight off all the cops then run away . But more cops are coming after us, and if we delay any longer, the helicopter support is going to fire a missile on us!”

“Look! What’s going on over there?” Chekhov saw a sudden lightning bolt striking across the ten police cars in front of them . It had come from the traffic lights and since the vehicles were conductive, the lightning electrocuted all the police officers from both inside and outside the car .

Almost as soon as the lightning hit, Xu Cheng’s voice sounded in Chekhov’s headset . “Run them over and quickly switch to another vehicle . I’ll handle the cars behind you . ”

“Understood, Boss . ” Chekhov sounded excited as he pressed hard on the gas pedal to its maximum extent, knocked away one of the cars blocking the road in front of him, and broke through the blockade .

When their cars passed by, both Mario and Chekhov saw that the police officers had all fallen onto the ground with charred bodies .

“What happened?” The chief couldn’t understand what was happening in the video footage; he just saw the streetlights flash all of the sudden, and then all the police cars responsible for the interception and the thirty police officers went into sudden shock!

There was something unbelievable about the scene .

And when he looked again carefully, even the surveillance had blacked out as if the circuit was cut off temporarily .

“Ask the hydro company what’s going on with the electricity in that area on East Main Street, and also ask the other police officers on scene for what had happened just now . ”

The dozen cars chasing behind them crossed an intersection where there were many huge streetlights, and suddenly a huge lightning strike attacked all the cars . One after another, the police officers in the cars were electrocuted and lost their balance on the wheel . It was a busy intersection already, and it seemed like all the police cars suddenly went crazy and crashed into the sidewalks, hitting pedestrians and other private vehicles, rear-ending at least a dozen private cars, and killing or injuring more than two dozen pedestrians, making the scene a tragic car accident .

The chief commander was stunned as he watched the tragic scene happen through the surveillance, not knowing what to say .

That was when his assistant shouted, “Chief, a call from the White House . ”

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