Chapter 676: 676

Chapter 676: Fear (Part One)

In fact, while Benjamin was heading back, Xu Cheng was already preparing for a massacre .

He went invisible, climbed up above a tank cover, and knocked on it with a rhythm .

The soldier inside driving the tank thought it was some bird above, but it wasn’t long before there was another sound of someone tapping .

He was confused .

He picked up the microphone and asked, “No . 5, do you see anyone above my tank? Who the f*ck is playing a prank? It’s not funny at all in the middle of the night . ”

No . 5 was another tank on patrol, and from the view of its crew, it was clear that there was no one above tank No . 1 .

He picked up the interphone and replied to No . 1, “All clear, I don’t see anyone . ”

No . 1 froze .

That was when the knocking sounded again .

No . 1 was furious .

“No . 5, I told you and Mir Khan to not f*cking play with me . I’ll open up the cover, drag him in, and give him a beating . ”

No . 5 frowned . “Who the f*ck is playing you? Are you on drugs?”

No . 1’s expression changed slightly .

There was still a knocking sound over his head and he sounded panicked . “Are you sure there’s no one above me?”

No . 5: “You’ve been patrolling all this time, who can climb up there halfway?”

No . 1 felt a numbness across his scalp .

“Hello?” he shouted .

The sound disappeared .

No . 1 let out a sigh of relief, but he didn’t dare to drive the tank too far . He kept a certain distance from the other tanks in the area so that he felt safer, and even though he was an atheist, he still felt a little creeped out just now, assuming No . 5 wasn’t lying to him .

It was then that the knocking sound suddenly turned into banging .

No . 1 was furious as he opened the hood to see if it was his other comrades screwing with him . The moment he opened the hood and stuck his head out, Xu Cheng grabbed his neck and twisted it!

No . 1 died instantly as Xu Cheng climbed inside the tank .

He then aimed the tank gun at the base camp trench .

However, he didn’t shoot yet .

Instead, he accelerated and drove the tank towards the rows of trenches .

Soldiers driving the other tanks felt something was wrong as No . 1 suddenly turned around and drove towards the basecamp with the gun aiming in that direction as well .

“No . 1, No . 1, where are you going?”

“No . 1, do you copy? No . 1 . ”

“No . 1, stop!”

They noticed that tank No . 1 directly drove towards the trenches area and crushed over it .

A few of the soldiers were baffled, and after the tank crashed over the trenches, Xu Cheng aimed a shot at the temporary barrack units .


The nearest unit in that barracks was blown to pieces!

The other four tanks were completely baffled .

The soldiers who were patrolling outside were also confused .

“No . 1, sh*t! What the hell are you doing? Stop right there!” .

The other officers reacted quickly as they gave order to the soldiers via the radio .

However, the tank was still firing shot after shot at the barracks .

At this point, the other four tanks drove over to pin No . 1 down and even had their guns pointed directly at No . 1, ready to fire!

Meanwhile, the hatch quietly opened, and Xu Cheng leapt into the dark night sky, unnoticed by anyone .

Soon, all the soldiers in the barracks were sent out to surround and block tank No . 1 . Someone climbed up the hood of the tank trying to catch the culprit inside . Four units had been blown to pieces because of his mistake, causing the death of twenty soldiers inside!

His charge would be to be executed on the spot .

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