Chapter 676.2: 676.2

Chapter 676: Fear (Part Two)

However, when they got inside the hood, they found out that the soldier inside the tank was already dead .

The soldier who climbed in suddenly felt a numbness across his scalp and cold sweat running down his back .

He’s dead? Then who was driving the tank? Who fired the shots?

– Meanwhile, in the command center located on the rear end –

There was a group of military experts who had never shown their faces, and they had a portable computer on their desk running a 3D map of the entire Land of Mercenaries .

There were a total of three military experts, two commanders, and three officers gathered around the 3D map to discuss tactics of a future attack on a certain area .

“What’s going on outside? Go check it out,” they heard the sound of gunfire and asked the guard standing outside .

Xu Cheng deliberately made some footstep noises as he came in .

A few commanders who were still focused on the map asked without turning their heads, “What happened?”

Xu Cheng didn’t answer them .

The commanders waited for four or five seconds before realizing that the soldier did not give them an answer back .

A few officers frowned angrily and lifted their heads up to look at the door, but no one was there!

Two of the officers were stunned .

They had clearly heard footsteps and the door opening, but why was no one there?

“Who opened the door?” a commander asked curiously .

“That soldier didn’t close it properly . It’s normal since it’s windy here,” a military expert said .

An officer walked over to close the door, but as he was turning around, Xu Cheng, who was hiding behind him, quickly pulled out his pistol from his waist .

Since some of the military experts were not wearing guns, Xu Cheng pulled out his gun and fired continuously at the other seven officers in the room .

There were only six bullets, so after killing six of them with the bullets, Xu Cheng threw his gun at the remaining one, smashing open his skull and killing him instantly .

The officer who closed the door was stunned .

He was horrified, seeing how his pistol flew across the air and smashed a colleague to death; he was so frightened that his legs weakened and he fell onto the ground .

That was when the soldiers who had heard the gunshots rushed over, and all they saw was one officer fallen onto the ground looking depressed, while the two commanders, three military experts, and two officers were all dead .

“There’s a…Ghost! At devil!” The remaining officer sounded like he was going crazy, muttering these words .

The dozen or so soldiers who rushed in here were stunned .

“General Ferrell, what happened?” someone asked this officer .

Meanwhile, Xu Cheng, who was still invisible to the others, saw a grenade on one of the soldiers!

His lips curled and he suddenly pulled the pin on that grenade .

This soldier heard his grenade’s pin being pulled; he lowered his head and his eyes widened .

– The next moment –

Boom! Four or five soldiers beside him were directly blown away by the explosion!

Xu Cheng happily borrowed guns from the stunned soldiers and burst fired at the rest .

When those soldiers reacted, all they saw was their own people shooting at them, killing their comrades on the spot .

By the time they surrounded the soldiers who had been killed, they suddenly realized that one of their grenade pins had been removed!

With another “Boom” sending the dust flying, four or five more soldiers were killed .

That was when the confused officer, who has been on the ground the whole time, suddenly picked up the pistol on the ground, and although he resisted, the pistol was still in his hand as he shot himself in the head!

That completely scared the h*ll out of the other soldiers!

Everything was bizarre tonight!

All it needed was fear to take down these soldiers without a fight, not a massacre!

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