Chapter 684.2: 684.2

Chapter 684: Let’s collect their protection fee first (Part Two)

Xu Cheng said: “You take yourself too seriously . If the M Nation was really going to go hard and suppress Great Britain, then Great Britain wouldn’t even dare to let out a fart . You think the world is still in Great Britain’s hands when they were with the European Union? For the sake of the beneficial exchanges between the two countries, that matter has been suppressed and to be dealt with privately . Which meant that this file will be kept in secret by the two countries and the story will rot in history as time passes . ”

Hawking closed his eyes . “You d*ck, but it was true that I had no choice at the time . I’ve got a question for you . ”

Xu Cheng nodded his head . “What is it?”

Hawking looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “Everything since that auction, it was a trap set up for me, right?”

Xu Cheng also looked at Hawking and felt flames of anger in his eyes . He asked in an ironic tone, “If I said yes, would you fight me to death?”

Hawking’s face looked a bit shocked, and he said after pausing for a long time, “You predicted that I would be coming to M Nation to receive your treatment?”

Xu Cheng said, “Not a prediction, but with certainty . Any person with ambition and ideals would not choose to spend the rest of their life like a loser . You are not even afraid of death nor suicide, why would you be afraid to come to the M Nation?”

Hawking: “So you really set this up just for me?”

Xu Cheng: “I don’t want to hide it from you, because after all, I have things that I want from you . To be honest, from the very beginning, I’ve had the idea of taking over the Land of Mercenaries . However, you know it’s difficult to re-establish a government in a chaotic country . Besides, a country with nuclear weapons and a country without nuclear weapons are very different, and I’m afraid that if I become a target one day, the nuclear weapons will become my advantage . You were right about the dictators who have fought against the M Nation and how they never won; but they all had one flaw, they were not strong enough and they had no one to rely on so they were at the mercy of others . Therefore, I had to find someone who can develop a nuclear weapon, and in this world, anyone who has this capability has already been contacted by other countries . Whoever comes into contact with these researchers will be on the radar of every intelligence service around the world . It was impossible to find someone, and the only one I could think of was you . No one would have their eyes on you because you were no different than someone in a vegetative state . But I am different, I can save you, and you can also be the make of me . In fact, it’s not so much of a conspiracy theory . I never wanted to kidnap you or force you in the first place, it was all up to your own will . ”

Hawking nodded . “I was against it at first because I thought you were working for some country, but when I found out that you were just alone trying to intervene in a war-torn country and wanted to become the ruler of that country… To be honest, I was even more against it . ”

Xu Cheng: “Why?”

Hawking: “Because those are the acts of a lunatic . One mistake would be the doom of you . The former guess disgusts me, but the latter one scares me . But I have no choice but to finish the research as soon as possible and leave you, you madman . It’s so I can return the favor . ”

“Thank you, that’s enough . If I don’t die, I will owe you a favor in the future . ” After Xu Cheng said that, he stood up and flicked the cigarette butt away as he left the underground project .

Meanwhile outside, Li Wei and Dulson returned .

Li Wei welcomed Xu Cheng as he whispered, “The M Nation has brought in another 200 soldiers disguised as Blackwater Mercenaries . They are calling the mission nicely as being the good guys trying to protect the mine owners . Big Brother Cheng, should we get rid of them?”

Xu Cheng said, “Did they bring supplies?”

Li Wei: “Yes, but very little; not as much as last time . ”

Xu Cheng: “Did they have tanks or any large equipment?”

Li Wei: “No . ”

Xu Cheng waved his hand . “Then there’s no rush to do it . You guys pretend to be Continental Mercenaries and go collect protection fees from them first . If they don’t pay, drive a tank over them because there’s no need to show mercy . They came in as Blackwater, so they will have to follow the rules here . Take out whoever resists, and force them to bring in their heavy weapons before we kill them all . ”

Li Wei: “Big Brother Cheng, why are we pretending to be the Continental Mercenaries?”

“Sooner or later, the Continental Mercenaries will have to step up . You guys will pretend to be them and intensify the conflict between the two . That will leave Kush with no choice but to step up again,” Xu Cheng said .

Xu Cheng felt that it was necessary to give the Continental Mercenaries a bit of a push, otherwise they would be too comfortable . That Kush guy as well, since he didn’t have any courage to step up, once Xu Cheng breaks the peace and the M Nation army invades, Kush would choose to back down on his own . It would be better to find a puppet who listens to his orders than Kush to run the country .

The principle was still the same, the Deviant Corp and Xu Cheng would not step in and manipulate the war behind the scenes .

Some people said that the only ones in the world who could initiate a war would be those with a capital power behind them, but Xu Cheng wanted to say that he alone could start a war and destroy it .

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