Chapter 685: The man who can manipulate the war? (Part Two)

“Just a week ago, don’t ask me how I got the information. Anyways, only thirteen of the deployed troops survived, and one of them is still in the hospital because he had a mental breakdown. You could use him as a breakthrough point for evidence. Does this count as a bargaining chip for impeachment?”

“Yes!” Jerry said in a deep tone. “But it’s not enough. This could only implicate the strategic departments; it’s not enough to threaten the current government structure.”

“Unless.” That’s when the others spoke up. “Unless the 200-men battalion that’s entering the second time gets annihilated again. That way, we can expose their previous operation and accuse them of damaging the image and interest of the M Nation with these consecutive defeats.”

Jerry’s brows pinched. “But in the Land of Mercenaries, it’s simply too hard for them to lose this time with 200 men. The Continental Mercenary Corps has re-formed with less than a thousand men, and the other small mercenary corps only have a few dozen to a hundred men. Groups with such weak manpower will find it hard to threaten the M Nation in any way.”

“Is that so?” Stenson smiled and asked rhetorically, “And what if they lose?”

Jerry: “Then re-election would be impossible. The credibility and competence of their government will be questioned and distrusted by the citizens. It’s the democrats this term, and if they can’t be re-elected, then it would be the Republicans running the competition with us. Although they are also difficult to deal with, the probability does increase a little.”

“Good.” Stenson said, “Then we’ll have the meeting after the defeat.”

Having said that, he stood up and was about to leave, but then he suddenly looked back at all the participants at the table and said, “Our boss is very sincere in wanting to work with you all, so I hope you also have the courage to put up a good performance.”

Stenson left after he said that.

As soon as he left, the core members all looked at each other with curiosity. “It seems like the big boss behind Stenson is not simple.”

Jeremy said, “He rules Las Vegas, the revitalization series by the Mandala Lab broke the sales record with eight hundred million dollars in sales on the day it came out; within just two days, I heard that the demand has exceeded the supplies, and the black market was already jacking up the price. The Wall Street side urged the Mandala Lab to go public to expand its market quickly, but Mandala does not want to be listed and does not disclose its financial profitability. An average person could not achieve something like this, and you think his boss is going to be someone simple?”

Jerry paused and looked at all the core members present as he continued, “Do you know why I’m trying so hard to get this sponsor on board? I didn’t really know much about him, but there was one point and it was enough for me to pull him in. “

They all looked at him curiously.

Senator Jerry said, “Remember my cancer? I can tell you straight up that I’m standing here solely because I was saved by someone with such a low-profile that you would never expect!”

The five or six of them looked appalled. “You’re telling me that Stenson’s boss is the one who cured your cancer?”

“I’m not sure if it’s really him or not. But after the Mandala Lab saved Dr. Hawking, I could more or less link them together. Do you think that a man with this level of medical skill would have a simple network? That is why I want the Mandala Lab to set up their company in our city. “

“What Mr. Stenson said just now sounded as if he’s sure the second battalion would be defeated again this time. Why is he so sure?” Someone changed the subject out of curiosity.

Jerry smoked his cigarette and turned to look out at the window. “If they lose again, then we know our sponsor is definitely not going to be a simple man! He’s gotten to the point where he can manipulate the outcome of a war, and as you all know, there are only a few people who have that ability.”

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