Chapter 689: Kush’s Surprising Secret (Part Two)

Kush: “Because if a government was to be established, there’s no one other than me who could win over the people’s hearts!”

“You’re right, and you’ve actually seen it very thoroughly. Then if that’s the case, and with a great enemy ahead, I’ll let you choose for yourself,” Xu Cheng said.

“Not only you and I, we see it thoroughly, but the politicians also see it thoroughly. Everyone knows that if they were to get rid of me, then there would be no one who could establish a temporary government. You think the M Nation will allow me to do that?” Kush looked at Xu Cheng.

Xu Cheng felt that Kush shouldn’t be such a cautious person; he was the King of Mercenaries, and he should be at least on the same level Xu Cheng was, but it seemed like Kush’s hands were tied.

Xu Cheng looked at him seriously and asked, “What exactly are you afraid of?”

Kush lowered his head as if he was thinking about something.

Xu Cheng said to Li Wei, “Go outside and guard the entrance.”

Li Wei nodded and went outside.

Kush saw that Xu Cheng was the only one left in the office so he took out a box of cigarettes from the drawer and handed him one.

“I have a secret that I want to share with you, but I don’t know if you have the guts to hear it.”

“If I don’t have the guts, would I still be sitting here trying to manipulate you?” Xu Cheng sneered.

“You are only manipulating me, but there was a man who created me, created the King of Mercenaries!” Kush squinted his eyes and began to recall. “The odds of a nobody to rise and become a hero, in reality, is literally one in a million. If I had not met someone, perhaps my life path would not have gone this way, and I would not be Kush the King of Mercenaries today.”

Kush sighed. “Don’t you wonder why a man like me who has never left the Land of Mercenaries, would know all eighteen types of martial weapons thoroughly, including the fighting techniques from masters all over the world? in fact, after the massacre of my parents and village, I was a child blinded by hatred, and I was determined to overthrow this government. That was when I met a man, the man who changed me, but used me as well. He trained me to be a killer, putting me through training harder than the special forces, and made me powerful. Then, with the support of his arms and capital, I quickly stood on my feet and was only thinking of overthrowing those wimps, ignoring the fact that I had become his pawn. The so-called King of Mercenaries, Kush, was only used to rally the people so that I could overthrow the government with a justifiable reason. Then I realized that the man was after the crude oil and the minerals in my territory! He was able to get ten billion dollars worth of crude oil in return by just investing less than a hundred million dollars in this land!”

Xu Cheng’s face looked horrified.

He had never heard of this secret before.

He looked at Kush and asked, “You’re not stupid. Why didn’t you try to refuse his ambition?”

“I’ve tried!” Kush laughed bitterly. “Every time he comes to see me, it’s just like how your attitude is right now. He looks at me with disregard in his eyes because I’m no match for him!”

Xu Cheng narrowed his eyes. “Impossible! I know that there are many experts in the world, but there’s a reason why you’re called one of the five legends. Who could easily defeat you?”

“A legend?” Kush laughed out in direct mockery and sighed. “The power ranking in this dark world is truly intriguing, letting us, these so-called legends, live in our own worlds, like frogs in a well! You know what? Why do you think that none of these powerful and strong legends come out and truly make a difference in this world? I’ll tell you why, because only those who have reached our realm know that there are many more out there who are better than us! For example the man who trained me to become the King of Mercenaries!”

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