Chapter 695: Why does a westerner know internal martial arts? (Part Two)

He then looked at Xu Cheng and asked, “What do you have in mind? If he goes back, another two or three Mr. Rs will come and clear the place! He can’t go back alive.”

Xu Cheng said, “I know, the reason I didn’t do anything is because there are too many civilians here and we can’t show our true strength to them. He won’t be able to make the escape.”

Having said that, Xu Cheng turned around and walked out of the office building.

R was good at anti-reconnaissance and he knew how to do a cover evacuation once he had entered into the woods.

To be honest, if he went all out to fight with Xu Cheng, he could hold up the fight. However, if he died, then the important information he obtained on this trip would not be reported to the top-level executives, there would always be a second chance in the future if he stayed alive. Although it was a bit lame to escape, he could come prepared next time and it would be the death of these people by then.

Xu Cheng had always wanted to stay mysterious, and since he had already exposed himself, he had no intention of letting Mr. R go alive.

Letting him go temporarily was just so that they would not fight in front of the general public and risk exposing his true strength.

Mr. R’s overall strength was indeed quite strong. If Xu Cheng didn’t gain his ability to control 100,000-volts of electricity, then he would not be confident enough that he could win. Without relying on the voltage, Xu Cheng could probably use his 50X explosive strength and knock Mr. R down by surprise!

R’s leg was injured without knowing Xu Cheng could have such a great explosive power, and if he went back alive and was able to study Xu Cheng’s strength, Xu Cheng might not be able to take advantage of him the next time around.

Mr. R saw a military pickup truck when he passed through the forest, and he threw his dagger, striking it in the driver’s neck. He then sucked it back with internal force and punched at the window, shattering it to pieces as he then got into the driver’s seat. He then quickly threw the corpse through the window and left.

Just then, a shadow loomed over at the side of his car.

It was so fast that R thought he was seeing things.

When he fixed his gaze, the shadow that had just passed by turned around and brushed past his car again.

Mr. R felt a little creeped out. He pressed down at the accelerator and roared through the desert at 200mph.

However, he did not expect that shadow to swing past his car again!

The shadow then sped across the road directly in front of him.

The man who was faster than the car going 200mph was no other than Dulson!

He was in charge of tracking down Mr. R the moment he left the city, and he knew that he was no match for Mr. R. He would get himself killed if they were in combat, so he just used his ability to act as a tracker and kept his distance away from him.

However, Mr. R was irritated because he couldn’t see whatever the hell Dulson was.

He took out his satellite phone from his bag and prepared to report the situation to the executives.

When Dulson saw him take out his phone, he quickly came closer like a ghost and smashed the window on the passenger’s side, startling Mr. R.

That was when Mr. R felt that the blinding sunlight got covered by some sort of object, that the cloud had shifted over, covering the sun. However, when he lifted his head to look up at the sky, Xu Cheng had jumped at him from a few hundred meters away, and landed directly at the head of his car from the sky.


The front wheels burst right off as Xu Cheng smashed down, tipping the rear end of the car upward and causing it to roll over.

Mr. R was quick to dodge as he had jumped out of the vehicle by instinct the moment Xu Cheng’s feet landed. He rolled a few meters and quickly rushed through the dust, trying to attack Xu Cheng before he could realize.

Just then, he felt that the shadow from before hit him hard on the abdomen all of the sudden, like a bull charging at his lungs! He almost didn’t catch his breath as he was sent flying away.

Then, Xu Cheng who had landed, walked over and threw a punch at Mr. R’s face; more than 10,000 pounds of force blew Mr.R’s head right off as it fell and rolled onto the sand.

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