Chapter 696: Stronger than imagined (Part Two)

Xu Cheng felt the need to head back home and question Old Master Ye about this matter.

Dulson who was driving the car saw that Xu Cheng seemed to be pondering something during the whole ride home, and he couldn’t help but ask him, “Boss?”

Xu Cheng came back to his senses and asked, “What?”

Dulson: “What are we going to do with the M Nation soldiers who’re still hiding in the canyon? Our men back home thought maybe you have an arrangement in mind, and they wanted me to ask you. They have been monitoring them for a long time, and if you don’t have a plan, then they will go on and clear up the area. Also, Mario said he wants to come home; he is a little uncomfortable being treated as a good citizen over there, and he said that those people are too hypocritical, treating the bad guys as good guys.”

Xu Cheng replied, “Tell him that he’s not needed at home for the time being, he has to cooperate with Chekhov and Stenson to open up the political situation in the M Nation. I feel that a battle between us and the M Nation is inevitable, and it’s better to have information about the other side to know what’s going on.”

Dulson: “Okay, I’ll let him know.”

– Switzerland –

– At the bottom of a mountain, in a manor surrounded by water –

Oldman Rothschild sat on one side of the table and an elderly Asian man sat across from him.

The elderly Asian was playing chess while Oldman Rothschild drank his red wine. After a long while, when the sky was getting darker, he looked at the elderly Asian and said, “This is the first time a Knight didn’t return on time from a mission, right?”

He sounded surprised. “Did something happen?”

The elderly Asian nodded. “He immediately hung up after the call was answered, so you can imagine what happened.”

Rothchild’s brows narrowed. “What do you mean?”

The Elderly Asian: “The knights I’ve trained would never dare to hang up my call right after it’s answered. They wouldn’t dare to hang up even if they were on an assassination mission at the White House. But something like this just happened ten hours ago, so it was either that he was calling for help or that he needed to make an urgent report. Either way, it meant that some things happened out of his and our expectations.”

Rothschild pondered for a while and asked, “Then is he dead?”

The elderly Asian nodded. “Dead. “

Oldman Rothschild: “But he’s R rank!”

The Elderly Asian: “The fact that he was R rank and was still killed makes me say that the situation is out of our expectations. If he did not feel life-threatened, then why would he have phoned? I’m afraid he’s been killed already.”

Oldman Rothschild smacked his lips. “So, the opponent is above R rank? Then we cannot allow someone who’s so exceptional yet beyond our control to be kept alive.”

“It’s not a matter of whether we keep him alive or not.” The elderly Asian sighed. “It’s that we do not have the slightest idea who our opponent is. It’s just like playing chess; we know how to move our chess pieces, but the most frightening thing is we don’t know how our opponent’s going to make their next move. Have your intelligence team expendables start heading to the Land of Mercenaries. We can’t take chances by sending in more Knights and risk sacrificing more of them.”

Oldman Rothschild nodded. “I’ve already arranged for them to go as war correspondents in disguise.”

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