Chapter 697: You can’t collapse, you know? (Part Two)

The Commander: “That’s right. Once the four major mercenary corps were wiped out, the status of the Continental Mercenaries rose in the Land of Mercenaries. They have an intention to establish a government and become a country, but the M Nation will not allow that. They’ve sent troops to be stationed there, but the troops were met with an ambush. We suspect that there must be an elite team of mercenaries over there; otherwise, they couldn’t have defeated the strong and powerful M Nation, with such a one sided battle as well! So that’s why only a team of experts like yours could take on this mission, we don’t need you to fight them, you just have to investigate this mysterious Deviant Mercenary Corps.”

Satan sat in deep thought for a while and finally said, “Give us as much information as possible on the group of mercenaries we need to investigate. We’ll go.”

The commander signed out of relief. “I’ll be relieved if your team takes on this mission. Once you go in, your priority is to rescue the seventy M Nation soldiers trapped in the canyon. We’ve received the GPS coordinates that were sent through their satellite phone two days ago, and I’m afraid that the defeat will soon be revealed to the public. We must rescue these soldiers, otherwise the public will be very concerned about the M Nation’s capability and make trouble. I’ve prepared documents for all of you to go in as war correspondents this time.”

Satan said, “Got it.”

The commander stood up and patted his knees. “I’ll be going then. Make your arrangements and head out for the mission immediately.”

Satan was left alone in the room after the commander left. He sat back in his seat, and not long after, he pulled open a drawer and took out a photo.

The man in the photo was none other than Xu Cheng.

If the Huaxia Intelligence Bureau was present, they would definitely be able to recognize that this photo of Xu Cheng was taken back when he was in the Dragon Division.

Little Joker still remembered what happened a year ago.

Someone had sent a message to his secret email: The new King of the Dragon Division has left!

That was when Little Joker made a secret phone call to Huaxia and snarled at the other side. “How could you let him go?”

The other caller sighed. “He violated the protocol.”

Little Joker raged on. “So what if he violated the protocol? Special treatment for special people, don’t you know that? The Dragon Division sucks enough already; how can you let the King of the team go? Do you think your actions live up to what my senior brother anticipated?”

“Junior Master, don’t get anxious.”

Little Joker: “How could I calm down? I was afraid that the Dragon Division would be done when my senior brother couldn’t make it. It wasn’t easy when I had to test out the new King to see if he could actually lead the team, and he’s got great potential in the future you know? Trust me! If there’s any way to retain him, do so and keep him in Huaxia. Don’t let what happened fifty years ago repeat itself!”

The person on the other end could only try to calm Little Joker down. “Didn’t our master choose a woman instead as well? Junior Master, have you forgotten what you’ve done? Do you hate those who are driven more by emotions? But I’ve received your opinion on this, and I’ll try my best to find a way to keep him here. By the way, how’re your injuries, Junior Master?”

The Little Joker went into silence for a while and said, “Not too bad, I’m satisfied with the heir my senior brother found! That’s it, I’m hanging up.”

It was also after this call that Huaxia adopted the idea of using marriage to keep Xu Cheng there.

Xu Cheng would not have understood what external troubles Zhang Chenfeng was referring to in his last words.

After the extermination of the four clans back then, Little Joker called Zhang Chenfeng and asked him, “Do you need me to come back?”

Zhang Chenfeng said, “I won’t pass on my position to you even if I die, so I’ve already found a candidate for the new Dragon King. However, I’m afraid that he’s too young to convince the public, and I won’t be able to live on any longer.”

Little Joker was not angry at his decision. “I’ll go back and test him out. If he can’t beat me, then I’ll become the King.”

Zhang Chenfeng. “Sure.”

Little Joker stopped thinking about the past and picked up the photo as he stared at it and murmured. “Kid, you are the only hope for the Dragon Division, and a line of defense guarding that mysterious country. You can’t collapse, you know?”

He didn’t want to go to the land of mercenaries, but after he heard that the four major mercenaries had been wiped out, he knew it had something to do with the new Dragon King, Xu Cheng! Because the only person who would have a motive to exterminate them at any cost was the new King of Dragon Division who exterminated the Four Clans.

However, he was being watched.

Little Joker knew exactly what the power behind that commander represented, and that was because he had been watching them for a long time as well!

He had to personally make this trip to the Land of Mercenaries. One thing was to see if the new King had made any progress, and also to persuade him to come home!

The new Dragon King could not be in trouble. He was not fully capable yet and shouldn’t have left the country; he had no idea how many other powerful hidden masters were out there that he had to face!

Little Joker picked up the lighter and burned up Xu Cheng’s photo before he left the office.

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